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12 Simple Ways to Cozy Up your Home this Winter

The way we decorate our homes during the summer season doesn’t work in the winters as during that time everyone wishes for the cozy interiors. Even, I’ve always tried to come up with the tips that will help you to decorate your home according to the seasons such as decorating your home for autumn. With fall almost coming to an end and winters approaching fast, we have started feeling the chill in the air. So, are you all ready for the winter season.

I mean have you all done the planning part of decorating your interiors and making them cozy? Well, its time that we pull up our socks and get ready to cozy up our interiors and welcome winters with warmth.

So, today we decided to talk about decorating the modern homes for winters and making them as cozy as possible. Below are the quick tips and ideas that you can try out to cozy up your interiors for the winters.

1. Pile Up Pillows

You can add some pillows which, when paired with a warm blanket add to the coziness as pillows become snuggle buddies. If you plan to buy then go for pillows with different textures as it will add color too.


2. Add Warm Colors

Undeniably, bright colors are lovely, but then they are best for summers and not winters as they can make a room feel cold. You can add some warm neutrals like tans, oatmeals, creams, and grays.


3. Add a Throw Blanket

If you already have it then go about adding or else you can buy one as Knitty throws are an ideal companion for chilly nights. There are a variety of colorful throws on the market which you can get for your home as per your choice.


4. Fireplace

If you have a fireplace, its time you clean it up and make it ready for winters as it will keep your home warm and you won’t feel the chill.


5. Take Out the Quilts

Quilts are important during winters. Take out the quilts from the storeroom or wherever you have kept them as these will add warmth to the bedroom.


6. Rearrange your Furniture

A fireplace is one place where people love sitting most of the time of the day during winters. You can rearrange your furniture around the fireplace so that you can sit and enjoy the chit chat or reading books.


7. Add Heavier Drapes

Drapes have lots to do with the season. In summers light drapes are suggested while in winters one should go for heavy drapes as these give warmth.


8. Paint your Walls Dark

If you are not low on budget, you can opt for painting your home and give it a makeover. You can paint your walls in saying charcoal gray, chocolate brown and similar colors.


9. Add Rugs

Remember we talked about adding rugs to your bedroom in one of our article entitled tips to Decorate Your Bedroom For Autumn? In that we listed a tip to add rugs to the bedroom. Adding rugs to your bedroom will give it warmth. You can add rugs not just in the bedroom, but in other rooms/areas of the home too. Layer the rugs to add more warmth.


10. Comfy Seating in the Bedroom

You can add a comfy seating to a bedroom that will tempt you to curl up with a book. Choose comfy seating as per your choice.


11. Add a Curtain

You can hang curtains across the walls. There are oodles of curtain option available for modern interiors to keep them cozy.


12. Make Way for Sunlight

While we shun Sun and avoid getting out in broad daylight during summers, in winter sunlight is much needed. Let natural light enter in your home as it is much needed in winters. Natural sunlight warms up the interiors.


Dress your home for cool autumn weather with these simple interior and exterior decorating ideas. Believe me you will love your cozy interiors.

Rajni Setia

Rajni is a Mass Communication post graduate with good know-how of the online media. With seven years of experience in content writing she is currently handling various blogs. Her areas of interest are not limited to one or two things instead lot many like home decor, fashion, tattoos and anything that appears soothing to eye.

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