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Simple Ways to Maintain Your Air-Conditioning Units

When an air-conditioner is working perfectly fine, we tend to take it for granted. However, our daily habits, the way our air conditioning unit is positioned in the house, and our usage and maintenance habits all play a role in lengthening the life of our air conditioning units.

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The best thing to do is perform preventive practices and measures so that it doesn’t have to conk out all of a sudden. It’s the worst thing to have your air conditioner malfunction in the middle of an extremely hot summer day. This is the main reason why we also recommend having your unit covered by a home warranty program like the one provided by First American.

The following are some of the surprisingly easy ways you can maintain and lengthen the life of your unit:

1. Keep your surroundings clean.

According to Omni Heating and Air Conditioning, This is basic, but keeping the room clean is a way to maintain the life and functionality of your unit. The dirtier the room, the more dirt it gathers into its filters. When not cleaned out periodically, this tends to deteriorate your unit’s efficiency and may even cause damage to the air conditioner. You will be caught by surprise when you suddenly witness leaking, or worse: your air-conditioner not being able to cool the room at all.

2. Position your air conditioner wisely.

For one, the outdoor unit should ideally be positioned in a protected place – as much as possible, it should be protected from dust, debris, and other foreign elements. If you could cover it, especially during the winter months or during times that it will be exposed to construction from a neighboring structure, that would be better in order to reduce the foreign particles that enter its filters. Foreign particles may cause it to malfunction or worse, damage the actual unit.

It is best to position your outdoor unit away from direct sunlight. An air conditioning installation service can help you place it in the right areas of your home. This also goes for your indoor unit – place it away from appliances that generate a lot of electricity and therefore a lot of heat – such as a television set, or a lamp. These heat generating devices cause the air conditioner to work doubly hard when it shouldn’t, which will cause it to conk out much earlier than necessary.

3. Keep the settings in the middle ground as much as possible.

If you’re feeling cold, better to just turn off the air conditioner rather than put it on a high temperature. If it’s a bit too hot outside, try to check if you’re able to acclimatize to the heat a bit so you don’t have to set the temperature too low. This will help relieve your unit of the additional work it has to perform on cooling the room.

4. Regularly clean out your filters.

Your filters gather dust and other dirt particles as you use your unit. It is best to periodically clean this out on your own, in order to keep your air conditioner running efficiently and without much difficulty.

5. Schedule regular maintenance.

It is best to schedule regular AC Service so that the inner workings of your unit are cleaned and tended to by the professionals. They will also be able to check if anything seems amiss and will be able to repair it much quicker, especially those that run deep in the mechanism. This will ensure that your unit is always running at an optimum level.

These best practices are the best ways to keep the efficiency of your air-conditioning unit and be able to prolong its life. Make sure you are performing them regularly in order to get the most out of your investment.

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