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Sleep Number 360 Smart Bed Promises Blissful Night Long Sleep

Here is one of the coolest beds introduced till date and is here to stay and win the hearts of millions of people out there. What’s cool about it? Let me begin by telling you the name of this nice techie bed. ‘The Sleep Number 360 Smart Bed‘ is the name given to this piece of furniture that promises to sit elegantly in your modern interiors and do wonders.

The bed was up there on display at CES 2017 and it indeed pleased the visitors a great deal. Want to know besides looks, what’s so fascinating about the bed that I am full of praises? Well, it is the hi-tech features that this smart looking bed comes endowed with. The bed claims to keep you and your partner comfortable effortlessly. The bed senses your movements and automatically adjusts the firmness and comfort to let you enjoy blissful night-long sleep.

After long hectic days, everyone desires for comfortable sleep. However, there are some people who have cold feet and they feel very uncomfortable when the lay on bed to sleep. We tend to fall asleep faster if our feet are gently warmed.

Unlike usual beds available, this bed warms your feet to help you fall asleep faster. The bed promises to pre-warm each side of the bed so you’re ready for your best sleep.

Promising the blissful sleep the Sleep Number 360 smart bed comes endowed with features like:

  • Self-adjusting mattress: The bed can change mattress settings based on your sleep position. SleepIQ software notices adjusts the mattress to optimize your comfort. You may click here to see other variety of mattresses that have the same, if not more, helpful features like these.
  • It can sense snoring before you do and gently raise your partner’s side of the bed before you.
  • It uses SleepIQ technology and intelligent biometrics to sense everything you need for comfortable sleep.
  • In the morning, you and your partner can know how the bed adjusts to your individual comfort and the amazing effects it has on your sleep quality which is your SleepIQ score.

Check out the video pinned below to understand what more the bed has in store for you all.

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