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15 Smart Storage Ideas to Organize your Kids Room

If you hate disorganised home, then obviously you keep looking for ideas to keep things organized. It is for this reason that you are here, reading the article. Talk about keeping the kid’s room organized, it is genuinely not the child’s play. One needs to be pretty smart in handling the issues at home like the organizing part. Parents need to give themselves the dose of smart ideas and ways out to keep the child’s stuff organized.

A child’s room is should be so organized in such a manner that there is no compromise with the elegance of the room. This edition of EverCoolHomes offers a various ideas and suggestions on to how to achieve the goal of making your kid’s room well organized.

Listed below are smart kids room storage ideas for you to organize all your child’s playthings and craft supplies in such a way that you or your child doesn’t find any difficulty in finding the stuff when needed. Designs of the storage systems are so crafted that these offer imaginative, colorful and practical solutions that taken on urban and contemporary styles. Take a look at all the cool kids room storage ideas and let us know which one you like the most.

1. Labeled Drawers

Here are the labeled drawers that ensures to cut out the fuss of making your child dress up in the morning.


2. Clear Storage Bags

In the image below you can see cute little clear storage bags that can be crafted easily to store kids toys and other stuff. My niece always wanted a sweet bag for her accessories (like clips, hair-bands, rubber-bands and what not) which she is quite fond of. I guess she would love it! Spotted at, these sweet clear storage bags are cool for storing little things.


3. The Zoo

This is a superb idea for storing stuffed toys all in one place.


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4. Touch Tone Wall Hanger

For $29.00, you can get home this touch tone wall hanger for storing various small things like stuffed toys, small toys and much more.


5. Cubby Storage

Here is a smart idea that has an alphabetized cubby system and it serves as a learning tool for kids.


6. Color Reference Drawers

These colorful drawers are inspired by old card catalogs. Besides storage, these boxes promise to make your child’s room cool and hip. This you can get for $109.


7. Transparent Boxes

These properly organized transparent containers not just let you organize the children stuff instead makes you easily locate the things.


8. Color-coding System Storage

If your child is fond of LEGOs and has a huge collection of the same, you can go for this lovely organized LEGO storage system.


9. Storage Cum Seating

We found this nice storage cum seating idea at Shanty2Chic. Its a DIY project that is not just budget friendly instead super easy to make.


10. A Bunch Of Baskets

This is a nice storage idea for all the little things, play toys and other stuff which your kid enjoys spending time with. Simply pull the rack out and put them in the baskets stacked below the seating.


11. Hi-Fi Toy Box

For $399 you can take home this Hi-Fi Toy Box that promises to fine-tune modern home decor. It is available in two different finishes to complement your style.


12. Hanging Bedside Organizer

Spotted at Sewmamasew, this is a DIY project that doesn’t take long. Its a little fabric organizer that is ideal for kids room.


13. Modular Cube Tables

Here are the DIY rolling cube tables you can easily separate to let your child have a her personal workspace besides serving as the smart storage solution.


14. Wall Mounted Desk

This is the fold-away children’s desk that is an elegant study space and ideal storage system.


15. Hanging Baskets

You can use garden hanging baskets mounted low in your kid’s room to arrange toys and books properly.


Which all kids room storage ideas you liked the most and don’t hesitate to share your idea to keep the children’s rooms organized. Leave your comments below to let us know or else you can reach us through various social media platforms.

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