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Retro Modern 300 Year Old House Will Leave You Awestruck

Here is a beautiful home that has successfully become the part of our cool homes category for the very fact that its simply stupendous. The very first glimpse of it, makes the spectator drool over. Sneak a peek at the images pinned below and believe me, you will fall in love with it.

Now to talk about the location of this cool home, it is built on the coast of Cornwall, Great Britain and was built long back in 1680. The home, when you look at it from outside, will give you the impression that it is a small house to reside in but you will be amazed when you enter the home.



Contemporary Family Home in MeadowCroft Offering Views of Mustard Farms

Unique architecture with all the elegance ensuring smart living never fails to impress the spectators. If you all know there is this Cool Homes category on our website in which we publish articles dedicated to superb architecture. From tiny house in Japan to tree houses  there are oodles of them that grab our attention and find a special place on our blog. Joining the queue is the MeadowCroft from OB Architecture.



Luxurious Off-Grid Star Wars Inspired Home in Australia

Any home with superb architecture promises to leave the spectators spell bound and complimenting to it, if the views are nice, its like cherry on the cake. The images in the article dedicated to magnificent Deolali House (that we came up with a few days back) were simply amazing. Isn’t it? Today, we have yet another architecture that is a perfect visual treat. Believe me, checking out its images and reading the description of it, you will be amazed. To begin with let me tell you all that its an architecture that all you Star Wars fans would just love as its a Star Wars-esque home. This reminds me of Darth Vader and R2-D2 Showerheads for Die Hard StarWars Fans we wrote about days back.


SPASM - Devlali house

Deolali House : A Modern Home with Awesome Views

Amazing architectures no matter in which part of the world they are never fail to impress the viewers and we at EverCoolHomes try our best to come up with such architectures that have been created by blending smart functionality, visual appeal in such a manner that it leaves viewers stunned. Days back we came up with the ‘Dawn of Spring’- Living Spaces By Gaurav Kumar which actually left us wide-mouth opened as it was simply superb. Here is yet another architecture that we are going to talk about today in our post. Guess I need not spare extra words talking in detail about this superb architecture; pictures themselves do the real justice and speak out loud about the visual appeal and unique architecture.



Majestic Sea View Luxury Holiday Home in Sennen Cove Village

Designers around the globe are working wonders and  coming up with superb stuff, be it architecture, product design or anything that makes us feel blessed to be the part of this era. Days back, we came up with the Deolali House by SPASM Design Architect. With the hope that you all loved the design of the house which genuinely is stupendous, here we are with yet another mesmerising architecture for you all to check out.


'Dawn of Spring'- Living Spaces By Gaurav Kumar

This is probably the first interior design inspiring idea we are going post here at ‘EverCoolHomes’. ‘Dawn of Spring‘ is the name given to the living spaces by Delhi based designer, Gaurav Kumar.  As the part of 3D architectural visualisation, he has recently come up with his latest project that is created with the aim to evoke a blissful feeling when one takes a walk through the well lit interiors.



Berkshire House: Beautiful Abode Immersed In Nature

All our readers are surely well aware of the categories that our different articles are posted in. There is this Cool Homes category which is my favorite one. In it we post the superb home architectures that are so mesmerizing that we can resist talking about it.

Adding to the list of cool homes that we have talked about in our preceding articles is the one that sits elegantly in the lapse of mother nature. Genius brain at Framework Architecture have come up with a magnificent modern home namely Berkshire House.



Sergey Makhno Gives a Sense of Luxury to the Buddy's House

Change is the law of nature. While some changes happen, there are many that we need to make efforts to make them happen. As in, talk about home, while some people keep looking for new house if need arises to expand or go for a house bigger in area than the current one, there are many others who think out of the box and come up with remodelling idea. Natalie Sherepa (a co-founder of and her husband Ihor who is a businessman planned something like this. They came up with the idea of extending their living space instead of going for a new flat. After the idea struck into their minds, what they did was they purchased 12 acres of land in Gorenichi village near Kyiv.



8 Breathtaking Eco-chic Homes for Desert Lovers

To meet your different needs and dose of ideas and inspiration, if you all know there is one category that goes by the name Cool Homes. Adding to the queue is a nice not too long but worthy compilation of some of the really chic desert homes designed beautifully. There are lot many people heading to mountains and hilly regions to get rid of the hustle and bustle of metros and other big cities. While on the other hand there is a bunch of people who wish to ditch the chilly, snowy grounds for the love of deserts. We will soon be coming up with the list of nice homes in hilly regions. For now, we have something for the latter bunch.



15 Unique TreeHouse Designs that will Leave you Awestruck

No matter how modern your house is, what all luxury your home offers there is nothing compared to staying in a tree house. Its an altogether a wonderful experience. Believe it or not there are innumerable people who are either living in a Treehouse or plan to do so in time to come.

Living in a Treehouse has always been my deep insider desire and I plan to make this dream come true soon. While there are some simple kind of Treehouses, there are other ones that actually can make people drool over. One day while checking out the different kind of Treehouses all over the globe, I came across some really amazing Treehouse designs ones which impressed me in one go. Carefully crafted and designed in a wonderful way, these unique Treehouses are simply amazing.


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