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Undo LLD Cushion Seating Those Long Sitting Hours

In today’s era it is very important to take care of our health. As happiness comes from good health. We often forget ourselves and get engage in our daily routine task. Fitness plays a very important role in our life. The purpose of exercise is to keep the body fit and glosses the inner self.

When we talk about our body, we tend to ignore our body posture. We normally don’t take care of the posture and sit in the winding motion. Good posture keeps the correct alignment of our body and keeps the movement of the muscles proper. While sitting in a proper posture, we get rid of constant back and neck pain. According to science they say that “sitting in perfect posture helps the bones and spine work easily and efficiently which balances the body’s weight. And when you have improper posture, muscles, tendons and ligaments have to constantly work to support that same weight”.

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Steelcase: Chairs that Offer More than Sitting

We spend so much time at work place so it is essential to have comfortable sitting during those hectic working hours to avoid bad consequences. Steelcase is a company that works hard to find innovative solutions and reduce the burden of heavy work load by making chairs that offers easy sitting and increase our work efficiency. Here we are going to give you information about the wide range of amazing chairs that they have recently introduced.

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emberlight: Smart Lighting Solution For Hi-Tech Homes

Today we want everything to be automated as we all are busy and want more convenience in our lives. in order to do so the products that we use in our daily life need to be more efficient. People have been working on smart cars and robots for years, but a group few optimistic guys have come up with something that can make your home smarter. I won’t say it’s the only smart product for your home but the one that promises to add to the convenience on the user end.

The name of this revolutionary product is emberlight which helps you to co-ordinate with your home. It let’s you control the lighting system of your home directly from your mobile through Bluetooth, provides remote access to the cloud and Wi-Fi. You can sync it with your cell phone by using mobile apps that are available for both iOS and android phones.

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11 Tips to Choose the Perfect Chair for your Home Office

If you are into freelancing and have set up a home office where you tend to spend hours, I am sure you have all you want to ensure there is no compromise with style and comfort. The word comfort reminds me of the seating on which one tends to spend hours. There are oodles of choice available in the market that will make you drool over by its appearance, but then at later stages one realises that their choice was not smart for the fact that it is not functionally smart.

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Shoffice Home Office Blends Elegance With Functionality

Shoffice as the name hints is a home office. Designed by the creative minds at Platform 5 Architects, which was founded in 2006 and is an award-winning architectural practice led by Patrick Mitchell and Peter Allen.

From residential to commercial, educational and cultural sectors, they are continuously expanding their horizon. Ever since the initiation, they have ensured to deliver stupendous designs and beautifully crafted bespoke houses.

This is not the first time that we are talking about the home office. We came up an article recently showcasing home office design trends that will help you create your trendy home office in 2016. We have previously published articles on 20+ trendy minimal home office design ideas along with places to put home office which I am sure appealed you all.

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10 Home Office Design Trends you should Follow in 2016

With more and more number becoming freelancers and opting for working from home for different reasons of their own, the home office set up has become the in thing. People nowadays are focusing on the room that they would make their office. Home office no more is like a simple table and chair on which the person sits with the laptop or desktop and work.

People are looking in for comfort and making sure they have to make no compromise with comfort and style. Why not, after all, home office, be it a corner or other kind of home office design ideas, the fact remains that each one of us is looking for the best idea or the in thing that would make our home office the best one.

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Altwork : World’s First Workstation For High-Intensity Computer Users

Blessed are we to be the part of the era when comfort is of utmost priority, technology has advanced so much that we can get our work done without moving from our place. Everything has changed, but one thing that still remains the same is the way we work.

To give a new dimension to the way we work and compromise with our health asks for the perfect blend of science, engineering, design and artwork. With freelancing being the in thing and lot many people getting inclined towards working from home, there are lot many options being made available to ease their task. One thing that remains the same in the office or working from home is again the seating system.

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6 Places you didn't Know About to Put Office in your Home

Freelancing is fast becoming the choice of lot many people for the very fact that with 9-5 job or more hours at work doesn’t leave us with the time to spare for our friends and family. Infact, there are lot many hidden desires, hobbies that one wish to go for but one is seen complaining of time crunch. Not just this, for miscellaneous good reasons of their own people are opting for freelancing as a career. There are however pros and cons of the same.

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15+ Creative Motivational Posters for your Home Office

Working from home at your own flexible timings and earning sounds interesting. What could be better than working under the roof that you have invested in to have repaired and maintained by Tredent Contracting? Freelancing is fast increasing trend that lot many people are following for miscellaneous good reasons. While some people are comfortable working sitting on the bed, couch, bean bag whatever option they find comfortable. However, there is a whole bunch of people who have their own workspace, workstation with proper office type set-up.

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20+ Trendy Minimal Home Office Design Ideas

Opting for freelancing is one tough decision to make as it asks for a lot of self discipline, time management and much more to help you follow the path of success. All those of you who are into freelancing or have just made up their mind to join the queue surely found the tips on putting your home office and did the 15+ creative motivational posters for your home office helped you?

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