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Ruggie : Unusual Alarm Clock for Sleep Lovers

Sound sleep at night promises the rejuvenation and one feels fresh the next morning. But then how many of you are able to make to the bed early to get up early the next morning that too fresh? The hectic day’s schedule sometimes leads to the lazy mornings and one wishes to be out of the bed on time to meet the next day’s deadlines. Thankfully, there are some of the cool clocks that promise to wake us up by raising the alarm. Remember the 15 unusual and creative alarm clocks we listed down here on our blog a few days back?

If you found them cool. Here is another one to raise the bar and set the benchmark. Ruggie is one coolest clock that will leave your eyebrows raised in wonder.



Android Powered “Smart Mirror” for your Modern Homes

There are indeed some of the creative mirrors lying up there on the market shelves, but then ask for more, you will get more and the range of super cool mirrors will leave you amazed. The mirror does promise to breathe life into the blank dull walls. We have once listed down the 13 tips to breathe new life to your blank walls and I remember listing mirrors on the wall down.

Coming to the point, do you think Android has limited its reach to just smartphones? Well, think twice, it is all set to be in your home to make you enjoy the technology. This time, its in the form of mirror.



Neesh Perfume Collection : Irresistible and Easily Fits in your Pockets

Today, we are here to talk about the super cool floral fragrances from one of the well renowned company Neesh. It is an expanding brand in online perfumes category with innovative packaging and a branded segment.

One might argue with innumerable companies introducing various kind of perfumes what’s different with this one. The very first thing I would like to mention is their packaging. Secondly, these little perfumes fit into the pockets easily so that wherever you go you can simply carry it in your pocket or purse as these don’t take much of space.



Cute and Quirky Concrete Monster Toys from UM

Whosoever says monsters are creepy should meet United Monsters. As the images pinned show, these are set of little monsters that are endearing looking characters. I am sure you all know about United Monsters that is a group banded against the Gorgons, terror inflicting beings that are rapidly killing off these monsters.

The idea of crafting such cute little monsters was conceived by Korea-based Hobby Design. These figures are crafted from cast concrete and each monster toy follows a different motif and come with an option of figurines or candle holders.



Stringback : Handcrafted American Furniture Designed for Relaxation

With ingenious designers working hard to come up with the latest designs to suit the modern interiors, one finds no shortage of unique products that are made available to help consumers make their pick. Stringback is one beautifully handcrafted American furniture piece by Jordan Ringdahl. The furniture piece is beautifully designed for relaxation and handcrafted with exceptional care. The Stringback enhances the relaxing experience whist adding to the elegance of the room it sits in.



Kiki : Little Gagdet that Signals when Fruit is Ripening

Seeing the struggle of people trying to earn their living Dalai Lama once rightly said humans surprise him at a lot as ‘Man sacrifices his health in order to make money. Then he sacrifices money to recuperate his health.’But then things have changed over the course of a few years. People now a days while juggling between office and home don’t forget to take care of their health. People are becoming cautious about the health and trying to follow the fitness regime, taking care of their health, understanding the importance of the right kind of diet to lead a healthy life.



Petra : An Ancient Jug that Lets you Serve Water in Style

Seems like modern day homeowners are getting fascinated with natural beautiful products for their homes. How else would designers get so much inspired and motivated to come up with unique designs. Remember the Beautiful Stones Collection by Philip Bogaerts that we came up with some days back? I assure you all loved the collection a lot.

Here is yet another set of stones which is not just aesthetically cool instead is functionally smart too. Designed by Make that studio & Improntabarre, Petra is the reinterpretation of an ancient object that is available in numbered pieces, variety of colors and finishing.



RESMO : Stylish Furniture for Sitting, Lying and Storage

Space-crunch is what everyone is going through now a days as the sizes of apartments is lessening down. With a very little room for essentials, people are actually looking for space-efficient home products that promise to not only do the single job but more. Furniture designs to talk about are now a days being designed in such a way that they occupy less space and when needed can be easily expandable. Besides, many furniture designs are such that they can be used for different purposes.


Kakudai Unique Faucet Range For Modern Homes

Gone are the days when faucets were just consider an essential item in every household and no extra efforts were made to look for different options. After all, only the purpose and functionality was taken care of. However, the entire scenario has changed and in the modern homes of today, you will go mad seeing the amazing range of facets that are not just functionally smart but aesthetically cool too.


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