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Kakudai Unique Faucet Range For Modern Homes

Gone are the days when faucets were just consider an essential item in every household and no extra efforts were made to look for different options. After all, only the purpose and functionality was taken care of. However, the entire scenario has changed and in the modern homes of today, you will go mad seeing the amazing range of facets that are not just functionally smart but aesthetically cool too.

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Flower Bud : Portable Kitchen Hood For Modern Kitchens

Do you all know the hazardous effects of  smoke that is produced while you cook? Studies suggest this smoke that we tend to ignore whilst focusing on the cooking part and cleanliness of the cooking area can cause cancer. Sounds scary isn’t it? There are lot many who might have thought of the ill effects of smoke while there is a huge bunch of people who doesn’t even know that it can lead to some serious health issues like cancer.

Those all who are aware of this fact give miscellaneous good reasons of their own for not having enough space for kitchen hood. Reasons like I don’t have enough space or money don’t justify your ignorance towards such important matter.

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Simplify your Kitchen Workflow with INSINK 4 in 1

Product designs that are functionally smart and hold the aesthetic appeal grab the attention of all. Indeed designers seem to have made up their minds to leave us all dazed with innovative designs. This is not the first time that we are talking about unique smart product design. However, each product we introduce to you is simply the best.

Kitchen is one area of the home that challenges home owners to include smart products that blend practical functionality with ergonomic design. Designed to simplify your kitchen tasks is a new product called INSINK. It is a 4 in 1 product featuring the Katcher, Kaddy + Kup that promises to help users heave a sigh of relief.

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Curattle – Personal Electric Kettle that Suggests Beverages to Users

Electric kettles have become the important part of our lives. For all those who love taking their favourite beverages every now and then would indeed have their personal electric kettle. If you are the one who loves smart designs with amazing functionality of the products, infact who doesn’t. Here we have something that will leave you in awe. Brainchild of designer Booreum Kim, Curattle is one personal portable kettle that promises to help users not only to heat beverages while on move but then help them decide what they should drink.

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Point Hangers : Find The Empty Ones Easily

Well renowned designer Yoon Ho Kim has come up with a line of cool hangers that are not only visually appealing but are are smart utility wise. How? Let me first ask you the simple question. Do you find it difficult to find the empty hangers from your closet where you have hung lot many dresses? Obviously, this takes time too. Isn’t it? If this is one task that you find bugging and wish there was a smart solution then your call has been answered in the form of ‘Point Hangers’.

Nimbus : Intelligent Watering System to Water your Plant Automatically

If you are the kind of person who loves plants like me here is a smart pot for you! Designed by Milton B. Watson , here is a smart little pot that sits in your modern homes making sure to do its job smartly and without making any compromise with the elegance. Instead it adds to the charm of the room it sits in.

Namely Nimbus, it is a unique patented intelligent watering system for plants that lets plants to adapt in its environment to determine exactly what amount of water is needed and when it needs it. Rightly, Nimbus can be called as automatic plant watering system because of its unique features.

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Minimal Kitchen Appliances Designed by Naoto Fukasawa

White minimal appliances are the USP of the renowned Japanese designer Naoto Fukasawa. He has recently designed a minimal kitchen appliances for the Muji brand. The company will be releasing a pop-up toaster and an electric kettle that are not just elegant to add charm to your kitchen but are also functionally smart. Both these appliances will be available at stores in the UK, USA and Europe.

Both these minimal Kitchen appliances will be stocked in the UK from November and released in other European countries in the coming year. Let me give you the gist of both the appliances and how these are different from the other ones in the peer group.

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'Making Time' by Kacey Willard to Enjoy Time Together

How irritating it is when you have your friend or loved one home and you get busy making tea and when you are done, you bring it to the dining table and take a sip of your favourite beverage while talking. What if you both together make tea? Two people making tea might have sounded weird till date but wouldn’t be so in the days to come. An innovative mind has come up with a product that asks the involvement of two people in making tea. Infact the entire process of tea brewing takes place when two people sit at the opposite sides of the table where the product is placed and make the tea while enjoying little conversations.

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Albus : Small Coffee Capsule Machine Inspired by Supernormal Design

We at EverCoolHomes love talking about smart home appliances that besides promising the aesthetic appeal ensure smart functionality thereby making users the proud owners. Remember, we came up with the posts entitled Minimal Kitchen Appliances Designed by Naoto FukasawaCurattle – Personal Electric Kettle that Suggests Beverages to Users and ‘Making Time’ by Kacey Willard to Enjoy Time Together in which gave the detailed description of the same to help you all make your pick.

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Pack Master – Smart Trash Can for People with Dysfunctional Hands

Creative designers around the world keep thinking out of the box to come up with amazing designs to look elegant and help ease the job of the users. If you start looking for one, you will get innumerable product designs that you would want to take home to enjoy the ease of workflow, add to your modern interiors and to solve other purposes. Dependency on others for any work is something that almost each one of hates. Isn’t it? Whilst some of us don’t know how to get the particular work done there are some people who don’t have no choice than to bank upon others for work.  Yes, I am talking about people with disabilities.

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