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Things to do for an Easier and Happier Monsoon at Home

We eagerly wait for monsoon every year as it provides a relief from the summer heat and bestows upon us the gift of greenery to soothe our eyes looking around. However, ingress of water during the rainy season disturbs us a lot. Water Seepage through the walls and cracks in ceilings can cause serious health concerns such as asthma, irritations in eyes, sore throat or bronchitis and make the ambiance unhygienic. 

Another major concern associated with leakage is that it hampers the décor of our homes and damages the expensive furniture as well. You need to listen to what an experienced water damage restoration in San Diego says and take the necessary precautions to keep your homes safe from water damage. Due to seepage marks of rain water and wet patches, the look of the entire exterior of the home also gets spoiled and becomes a reason for social embarrassment.

People use to build dome or hut shaped homes earlier to ease the release of rain water accumulated at home, but building these kind of houses in urban areas has become very expensive and cannot be afforded by everyone. In the present day as well, waterproofing is an essential part of building a perfect home as it ensures the protection from seepage and bacteria that can eventually breed in our houses due to seepage problems. It is also advisable to check and fix the leakage, if any, and to seal all the old cracks before the arrival of monsoon.


Waterproofing reduces the cost of maintenance and avoids the degradation of home. It prevents water seepage and dampness in the monsoon keeping it leak free and damp free and turning your home into a Healthy Home.

What are the challenges?

Traditional waterproofing and tile fixing methods do not provide flexibility and thus the tiles are bound to crack after a period of time. In case of terrace gardening or farming, cracked tiles and lack of good waterproofing solutions, can lead to heavy leakage which would end up in a high expenditure for the repairs. Modern chemical techniques are a bit more expensive, however provide longer protection. These modern solutions are easy to use and consume less time.

Most of the people are not aware of the benefits and tend to continue using the old methods for waterproofing. Another big factor is the price. Conventional waterproofing methods might come across as a cheaper option compared to the modern chemical alternatives when considering the initial expenditure, making some people opt for the traditional methods, but these prove to be a more expensive option after some time when the people have to spend lots on repairing. Apart from that, most of the time you will find that the labour used for execution of the assignment is also unskilled and that’s why many contractors avoid using chemical waterproofing methods.

Waterproofing in Bathroom and Kitchen

Waterproofing in bathroom is very important as it is the most common area to come in contact with water. It is advisable to use Dr.Fixit waterproofing solutions in bathroom for floor, sanitary fittings and service pipes which is liable to be influenced by natural movements and disturbances. Improper installation of the tiles and gap in pipes can also lead to water seepage through the gaps and can cause damage to your home. Insufficient tile curing and weak tile bonding are major causes of excessive shrinkage.

Loose tiles can shift and cause leakage. If the tiles are not properly soaked or taped in place, they can crack. With a range of products from Roff, you can be rest assured that your tiles will be bonded properly and would show no signs of cracks for years to come. Roff’s solution is so easy to use that you can use it yourself to renovate your homes with latest DIY tiles and stones that are easy to clean, look remarkable and are not much expensive. I personally believe that proper material and techniques used for tiling and flooring can prevent leakage and seepage problems and make your monsoon experience merrier.

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