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Things to Learn About Hot Tubs From a Hot Tub Review Website

For some people, the time in a bathtub is certainly sacred. Japanese people take baths seriously, and bathtubs are like a temple to them, a place where they can clean themselves both physically and emotionally, somewhere where they can relax, and enjoy some of their favorite activities such as listening to music, reading, or just thinking. 

They usually take a bath every day during the night with hot water as a rule, but it depends on the season they are in since Japan’s seasons tend to be pretty extreme, going from cold to warm and hot in a blink of an eye.

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Of course, the greatness of warm baths is probably recognized worldwide. I like to take a bath every day surrounded by warm water and music, but some people take it to a whole new level. Whereas I take 10 minutes at most, some people might last 30 minutes in a bathtub, which is the actual recommended time to last. 

With that said, some people don’t know which one they should get, how to get the most out of their bathtubs and how to keep them clean and do maintenance. With that said, in this article, we are going to talk about how to clean, maintain and enjoy bathtubs as much as possible.

Get a Bathtub That is Good For You

The first thing you wanna do is finding a bathtub that is perfect for you. Before you start looking for models and designs, you should ask yourself what you are looking for. The way you plan to use it will definitely play a huge role when deciding for one, so you must ask yourself this question. 

Some models include handles, others are bigger and wider whereas some models are meant to be compact, so depending on your needs, you might want to consider doing some research. The space you have will also determine whether you should get a big bathtub or not.

Some other things to consider when deciding for a model is if you can afford the bills coming from the heater if the weight capacity is important, how comfortable the tub is, and the materials. Nowadays you can find tubs made out of plastic, steel, cast-iron and other materials. 

As a personal recommendation, you should check to get your hands on some pretty useful reviews and services related to tubs. 

Preparing for Relaxation

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After you’ve gotten yourself a tub, now the only thing you need is to create a routine for whenever you are about to use it. Creating a routine is somewhat similar to ritual which people do to enjoy things a little more. 

It’s like that ritual I do whenever I wake up, which consists of me preparing some coffee after eating a nice breakfast then reading something on my phone until it’s time to take a bath and prepare for work. It makes my day a little easier to deal with and helps me keep the focus on the things that I need to do instead of letting my mind wander around. 

Rituals and routines are the ones preparing both your body and your mind for a task. Remember how Japanese people take baths at night? Well, baths taken at night are somewhat prepared for the sleep that is to come, and it definitely helps them prepare for it.

Now, everyone has a different way of preparing themselves for such a process, but there are some things you should really have in mind when preparing bathtubs. 

As mentioned in this article, you should always have your bathtub cleaned and ready for action. Ideally, you should consider cleaning it just after you have used it, but we understand how difficult this can be for people who are tired from work. That’s why some people clean them whenever they have the time to spare or hire professional services related to cleaning so they get the job done without worrying about wasting their free time.

After you have checked whether the hot tub is clean or not, you should start filling it. The ideal amount of water to use should be around 2/3 parts. Too much and it will end up spilling in the floor, and less can feel like not enough water. At this point, some people use salts to add to the water, but I feel like using them after the tub has been filled is better. The temperature of the water will always depend on what you like, but some people feel like 38°C is the perfect temperature.

Now, your bathtub is ready and you can use it just like that, but what about personalizing the process and add some unique touches to it? I have heard of people taking drinks to their baths while they enjoy the hot water, and others like to take books or music devices with them so they can listen to their favorite podcasts, bands, singers, and read something they have looked to read all day. 

Things You Might Want to Use During Baths

Having the right gear will make a big difference when taking a bath. For example, some nice bath oils can help you take care of your skins and considering that some people have dry skin, which can be harmed by hot water, they are the perfect solution. They help protect the skin, moisturize it and make it healthier, but you should always clean the bath after using them because they stick to the walls of the bathtub.

Another example of what you can use is essential oils. They are oils that add an essence to the bath, making it fancier and more enjoyable. Just look for an essence that you like and try it out, but don’t get overexcited while using them. About 10 drops are more than enough to make almost all bathtubs have a really nice fragrance.

Now, if you are interested in finding other components to enhance your experience, you should check 8 things your bathtub needs

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