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This Stylish AC Hides Within The Walls Of Your Interiors

Air conditioners gradually have become the important part of our modern interiors, so much so that we can’t imagine our lives without them for the reason that in scorching heat, these help us heave a sigh of relief. While checking out the smart air conditioners for our modern interiors, we keep various things in mind like its looks and visual appeal, its functionality and we pick one that doesn’t prick our pockets in the long run too. As long as it’s frequently maintained through an air conditioner repair service, why bother spending more?

There are indeed lot many options available in the market when it comes to buying an air conditioner for our homes. But then, some of us don’t like their bulky designs. Ever imagined an air conditioner that is not at all bulky and doesn’t pop out of the walls or windows of your room? I guess the guys who made the Artistic Air Conditioner had a similar opinion. This AC (I’m guessing it’s a window AC as compared to a split AC) has nothing more than a super smooth front panel that matches your wall.

It’s the era of sleek and minimal design products. Talk about anything from television to laptops, mobile phones and many other products, every now and then thin products with sleek and minimal designs are being rolled out. Then why not the air conditioner? has nothing more than a super smooth front panel that matches your wall.

Wizkid of talented designers, Zheng Dongping, Jia Siyuan, Liu Binwen, Xu Tengfei and Lin Leye, here is an air conditioner that your guests won’t be able to see. Just ask your guests to guess if your room has the AC and leave them guessing!

With the smooth and stylish front panel, the entire AC fits into a hollow space making just the front panel visible that aligns with your wall making it look like there’s nothing.  Simply switch on this marvel of technology and your AC slides forward to release the cold air from the gap. Besides, there is the LED display that lights up right through the front panel. The Artistic Air Conditioner is a winner of the Red Dot Design Award for the year 2016.

The super stylish artistic air conditioner is a winner of the Red Dot Design Award for the year 2016 which it actually deserves.

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