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Transparent Bubble Tent Lets You Enjoy The Vistas Whilst You Relax Inside

If you are the one who doesn’t like to stay in the four corners of the home and love to be in the laps of mother nature, want to enjoy the relaxing time in open then this one is going to fascinate you in the first go. Want to know what I am talking about here? It’s a bubble tent.

Indeed, there are tents available in the market and if you are wondering why we are here talking about tent on EverCoolHomes then I must tell you, I have already made up my mind to buy and park it in my backyard. Want to know why I am sounding so curious? Read on.

Bubble Tent (2)

Nature lovers prefer to tents instead of houses, hotels and luxurious rooms. It gives them a chance to explore nature. If you use traditional pole tents for other outdoor activities then you certainly know that they require a frame of poles and supporting rope to strike. Besides, you don’t get a chance to see what is happening outside in those tents.

If you love starry nights and want to see the snow fall or enjoy the rain without getting wet whilst sitting or lying down inside your tent than bubble tent is the right option for you. You could also use it when camping or hunting with AR-10 upper’s in the woods.

What is a bubble tent?

Bubble tent is a transparent tent in round shape that looks like an igloo (house of an eskimo) after set up. It is comfortable to relax in and you would feel like a home.

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Key Features :

  1. It is 4 meters long which makes it sufficient to house at least 2 people at a time.
  2. It is made up of PVC and PVC tarpaulin material that ensures its not bulky and doesn’t weigh much.
  3. The cool transparent tent comes with a blower in wooden case.
  4. It is water-proof and fire resistant so that you need not worry about water pouring in when its raining or snowing outside and doesn’t catch fire.
  5. The bubble tent is easy to store and can be carried out anywhere without any hassle.
  6. It is easy to open up and pack back as the process of setting up and taking down is quite simple.

Drawbacks :

1. Safety Issue :

It doesn’t even protect you from a sharp stone; forget about protection from any wild animal in a deep forest.

2. Hits Privacy :

It provides shelter from wind chill and rain but doesn’t protect from sun rays as it is transparent.
people who love privacy may not like it as you can’t even change cloths inside.

3. Pricey :

Few people might find it a bit expensive.

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Price and Availability :

Get it for mere $1475 + $114.49 shipping charges from Amazon. Is it too much that has been asked for the wonderful experience you will have for all those starry nights well spent? I don’t think so. What’s your say?

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If you are a traveler or the one who loves spending time in an isolated place and is keen to observe every aspect of nature then the bubble tent is not going to disappoint you at all. You can buy this amazing transparent tent and park it in your backyard (if you are not planning a trip somewhere) and enjoy the starry nights by staying in this beautiful abode.

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