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15 Unique TreeHouse Designs that will Leave you Awestruck

No matter how modern your house is, what all luxury your home offers there is nothing compared to staying in a tree house. Its an altogether a wonderful experience. Believe it or not there are innumerable people who are either living in a Treehouse or plan to do so in time to come.

Living in a Treehouse has always been my deep insider desire and I plan to make this dream come true soon. While there are some simple kind of Treehouses, there are other ones that actually can make people drool over. One day while checking out the different kind of Treehouses all over the globe, I came across some really amazing Treehouse designs ones which impressed me in one go. Carefully crafted and designed in a wonderful way, these unique Treehouses are simply amazing.

Take a look at some of the best and beautifully crafted Treehouses from across the globe and if you wish to add to the list you can do so by leaving your comments below and we will surely be updating our list. For now, enjoy checking out the amazing Treehouses we have listed down here.

1. UFO Treehouse

Located in Sweden, this amazing tree hotel is not just cool infact is an inspirational idea that in its UFO shape looks amazing. There are many unique looking homes being built these days like StarWars inspired home in Australia or EcoCapsule that will help you live off grid.


2. Mirror Tree House

This elegant mirror tree house is located in Sweden and is almost invisible and perfect for hiding, It is the part of Tree Hotel project in the North of Sweden.


3. Yellow Treehouse Restaurant

I am well aware of the fact that this is a restaurant, but then is quite inspirational. It is situated in Auckland, New Zealand and offers an amazing dining experience. It is designed by Peter Eising & Lucy Gauntlett.


4. Three Story Treehouse

In British Columbia, Canada this three story Treehouse sits and appeals whosoever gets the chance to see it.  It is said to be the tallest tree house in British Columbia, Canada.


5. The HemLoft Treehouse

Situated in Whistler, Canada, the Hemloft Treehouse is the wizkid of software developer Joel Allen, who at the age of 26 got retried and became a carpenter to fulfil his dream of building something cool and the result is right here in front of you. Isn’t it simply cool?


6. Free Spirit Sphere Treehouse

Situated in Canada, this free spirit sphere Treehouse is built with vision and engineering. It looks like a handcrafted sphere are suspended like pendants from a web of rope.


7. The Bird’s Nest Tree House

Situated in Sweden, this tree house in massive nest shape has modern and high-standard room built inside. Looks unique and cool.


8. Plane Treehouse

Now this one is super cool. Situated in Costa Rica, this vintage Boeing 727 was originally bought by Joanne Ussary for $2,000.00. Investing $24,000.00 she renovated it and turned it into an Executive Suite 727 tree house.


9. Senior Center Turned Treehouse

Located in Ghent, Belgium this cool looking Treehouse is designed by Benjamin Verdonck and is a sculptural tree house in made for the art festival.


10. Teahouse Tetsu

Situated at Yamanashi, Japan, Teahouse is the brainchild of architect Terunobu Fujimori. Its the perfect blend of minimalism and fantasy. Stupendous is the word that comes to my mind!


11. Treehotel

This is a tree hotel that offers you a unique hotel experience as in three rooms with contemporary design in the middle of unspoiled nature.


12. Eco-friendly Finca Bellavista Treehouse

This eco-friendly Treehouse is situated in Costa Rica this tree house that takes up more than 600 acres and is well connected by suspension bridges.


13. Treehouse Cafe Shop

This is literally a Treehouse cafe built on the banyan tree a small place function as a restaurant.


14. Treehouse by Takashi Kobayashi

Located in Japan, this Treehouse is designed by Takashi Kobayashi and lets you relax in the lapse of mother nature.


15. Treehouse for Birds and People

Located at Andu Momofuku Centre, Japan, this is a modern tree house concept by Nendo that promises to offer you the possibility to peek into the private life of birds. It is divided into two parts by a wall with a little peek holes.


Imagine living in one such kind of Treehouse. What a wonderful experience it would be. I just can’t wait to get the chance of living in a Treehouse and enjoying being in the lapse of mother nature! By the way, don’t forget to tell us in the comments that which one of these beautiful Treehouse designs you like to live in.

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