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15 Unusual Alarm Clocks that will Annoy you to Wake Up

Clocks no more are the home essentials to tell time, infact have gone a long way and have become the piece of artwork and decoration that adds to the charm of the room they hung or sit in.

Designers now a days are thinking out of the box and coming up with uniquely shaped clocks that promise to leave the viewer amazed. 20 Unusual Wall Clocks listed here in one of our article is the perfect example. Did you all like the clocks we hand-picked and jotted down all at one place for you all?

Coming to the topic of the day, I am actually not the morning person, but have always wanted to start my day early as getting up late in the morning was taking a toll on my health and productivity. So, I planned to buy an alarm clock which would help me in getting up timely. However, I didn’t want to go for the usual kind of clock instead one that is interesting and an unusual one.

If you too are bored of the same kind of alarm clocks available and want to go for a unique one of its kind alarm clock for yourself, then you will be glad for having checked this article of ours.

Herein, we have listed down some of the most unusual alarm clocks for all those of you who are not morning people but wish to start your day early in a smiling way. Sneak a peek.

1. World’s Biggest Alarm Clock

Alarm clock that comes straight from the hell that will ensure you wake up on right time otherwise it will bounce your bed with full power that might give you a headache. Thanks to a hydraulic pump that attaches to your bed. Check below video to know it yourself what I am talking about.

2. Clocky Alarm Clocks on Wheel

A perfect alarm clock that will annoy hard to get you out of the bed while running away from you and keep beeping continuously. You can snooze it one time and if you won’t get up next time, it will jump off and run around your room finding place to hide. There is a digital display and backlight that will help you to check time at night. So, Clocky is a perfect alarm for those who have trouble waking up in the morning.

You can buy original Clock Alarm here.

3. Dumbbell Alarm Clock

This is for those heavy sleepers who want to get up early morning to workout but never actually wake up. This alarm clock will keep ringing till you won’t do 30 bicep curls. You can’t cheat with this alarm clock as it has internal motion sensors that make sure you’ll do 30 bicep curls for sure.


4. Sfera

Sfera is a radio alarm clock that you hang above your bed and it will force you to stand on your bed to turn off the alarm. When you snooze the Sfera, it will rise above your head towards the ceiling everytime and lastly reaches the ceiling which will force you to stand up and drag it back down to your bed.


5. SNŪZNLŪZ – WIFI Donation Alarm Clock

What will you do when you alarm clock donates your real money to an organization everytime you snooze the alarm? Yes, wifi donation alarm clock from Snuznluz will do the same and you have to wake up anyhow to turn it off.


6. Nixie Ramos Alarm Clock

Ramos alarm clock is an awesome product that will surely get you out of the bed in the morning. To turn off the alarm, you have to walk up to a wireless Defuse Panel and deactivate while punching the code which is the date making sure you get out of the bed.



7. Gun O’Clock

Gun O’clock in one word is an awesome alarm clock that will challenge you in the morning with 3 different game modes that are refreshing rather than irritating. First one is you have to shoot the alarm clock to shut it off and other two are equally refreshing as the first one.

8. IQ Alarm

I’m sure solving puzzles in the morning to turn off the alarm is going to be very annoying. Oliver Sha understands this fact and designed IQ alarm in which you have to solve brain teaser to shut it off and that results in waking you up. The best part is powering off this alarm is not easy too, as you need to hold the power button for 30 seconds, enough to wake you up.


9. The Turing Alarm Clock

If solving brain teaser not helping you to wake up in the morning, then I’m sure you will love to solve some mathematical problems in the morning. I know that mathematics subject is never liked by anyone and it is better to wake up rather than try to shut off the alarm solving math tricks.

10. Sonic Bomb with Super Shaker

As the name suggests, Sonic Bomb alarm clock boasts extra loud 113DB alarm that ensures you get off the bed in the first go. If you still not in the mood and want to sleep more, the Super Shaker vibrating unit will shake your bed with full power till you don’t put your feet on the floor.

You can buy Sonic Bomb with Super Shaker here.


11. Silent Alarm Clock

A conceptual alarm clock designed by Johan Brengesjo that has totally different technique if compare to usual alarm clocks. While most of the alarm clocks rely on nagging sounds to wake you up, this alarm clock wakes you silently. Using Silent Alarm, you can program multiple programs. You have to wear a wireless rubber ring that vibrates when the alarm is on. You can snooze with a shake of your hand, but for the successive snoozing the movement of your hand increases resulting you to get off the bed.


12. Defusable Clock-kit

If you one of those of who like action in your life, the Defusable clock kit is for you. To shut the alarm, you have to actually defuse the bomb in the morning. Once you press the red button to detonate the alarm clock, you have to choose the correct wire to cut from4 wires on top of the clock. The alarm clock will make sure to assign new role to each wire everytime when you press the detonate button so that defusing it will not become easier.

13. Rocket Launcher Alarm Clock

Another annoying alarm clock that makes sure you won’t get late for work. This alarm clock shoots Rocket into the air every morning and you have to catch the rocket and put it back into the alarm clock dock to switch it off.


14. Puzzle Alarm Clock

Here is an alarm clock Urban Outfitter. Rightly named Puzzle Alarm Clock, it is priced at $22. What it does is that it sends puzzle pieces hurling through space when your alarm clock rings and to turn off the alarm you have to collect the pieces and simply place the pieces back in the correct spot.


15. Blender Alarm Clock

Now this one is funny yet cool kind of alarm clock. Named blender alarm clock what this cute gadget does is that when the brownies are done, it shreds, dices, liquefies the brownies and plays an assortment of 1970s game show jingles too.

These unique alarm clocks are sure to make you smile all the way and have a really Good Morning! If you have come across any such alarm clock that has fascinated you a lot, do let us know.

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