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22 Unusually Creative Bookshelves for Book Lovers

None other than book lovers understands their love for books! Only they can understand what important role, even the small, short story book plays in their lives and how well connected they are to all the books they have with them and their longings for new books. Whilst some a book lovers don’t feel the urge to flaunt their book collection there is a whole bunch of book lovers who love to show off their books to family and friends suggesting them to read some of them. For this they keep looking for bookshelves.

For all those of you who doesn’t wish to sell their books when they are done with the reading. All those book lovers like me who are planning to display their book collection in style might surely be on lookout for something that will let them flaunt the books they have read in style, here’s something you would just fall in love with.

We at EverCoolHomes are making every possible effort to present before you all wonderful home products be it wall clocks, unique bathtubs, dining tables for different areas of modern homes. Today, we have compiled a list of unusual bookshelves for you all to make your pick from. Sneak a peek and click on the links to know more about these creative bookshelves you would love to buy for your home.

1. Tatik

Designed by Tembolat Gugkaev, this creative bookshelf is the perfect combination of armchair and bookshelf and it is designed in such a way that you won’t need to stand up to find the new book.



A super creative bookshelf Kayiwa that you can buy for $38,500 and place your books in an alphabetical order to save you time finding the book next time for reading.


3. Letterkast

Designed by De Leeuw, this is another stylish bookshelf inspired by random alphabets.


4. Luxury Club Library Bookcase Chair

Available on Etsy, this bookcase chair comes with a hefty price of $2950 but suitable for those who love to sit, relax and read. This chair comes with armrests and a built-in 27 feet of storage space for your favorite books.


5. Reading Glasses

This is one of the most unique bookshelf I’ve found while researching for the article, though this is only a concept, but I’m sure there are many who would love to buy once it is available in the market.


6. American Bookshelf

Show your love for USA by placing this American Flag bookshelf in your living room.


7. Bookwarm Bookcase

Designed by Atelier 010, this is a unique bookcase for those who want to sit and read their books in the same place. Other than you can sit and relax, there is ample space to put your all-time favorite and new books.


8. One-of-a-kind Mandala Bookshelf

Inspired by Mandala, this bookshelf is an imagination of lawyer, Veronica who designed it and the work is done by a local carpenter.


9. Domestic Tree Bookcase

This booktree will surely capture the attention of your kids and encourage them to take the book from the bookshelf and read.


10. Chuck

Designed by Hafriko, this creative bookshelf is a modern product that you can buy to put your books and it looks as awesome as a wall art in your living room.


11. Read – Unread Bookshelf

Measure your effort to know how much books that have been read rather than how many.


12. Hole in the Floor

This unusual bookshelf by design studio Raw Edges gives an illusion that the drawer looking cabinet is sinking into a hole.


13. Circle of Life Bookshelf

Designed by Fabio Galeazzo, this circle shaped bookshelf is perfect for those who love to read books in the lap of nature.


14. Equilibrium Natural Wood

An innovative and forward-thinking from Malagana Design that you buy and use it as a modern bookshelf in your living room that gives the illusion of levitating.


15. WHA Cabinet

Craving to read a book at 3AM in the morning, but don’t want to disturb your family? Well, then this is what you buy, a beautiful bookshelf designed by Tembolat Gugkaev that has cabinets and works as a lamp too.


16. Day Dreaming Bookshelf

Free your imagination while picking and reading books from this dreamy bookshelf. A stylish and imaginative bookshelf that you can actually buy and place it in the living room.


17. 3D Look Bookshelf

Designed by Bjørn Jørund Blikstad, this unique bookshelf gives a 3D effect to the visitors.


18. Minimal Ash Wood Portal Frames

How about putting up all the forms of knowledge sources in one place. A bookshelf that comes with a perfect space to place your LED TV.


19. The Staircase Bookshelf

For those who have a large collection of books, but worried where to put them because of the small space problem. Levitate Architects came with a genius idea with a staircase bookshelf that will solve the space problem and you can keep all your book collection with you without worrying.


20. Custom Made Wood Book Rack

Hang your books with this customized wood bookshelf. This rack comes with 12 pins that works as a bookmark too, and you can change their position as you want.


21. Living System Bookcases

System designed by Extendoweb is a modular bookshelf that can adapt to various room heights characterised by extending aluminium profiles.


22. Pulseline

Inspired by heartbeat shape, this is a unique bookshelf that looks good as a wall art too, and you can display small decorative items and magazines. The edges are fluorescent painted that glows in UV light.


Personally, I would go for Mandala Bookshelf that is the result of creative idea of the lawyer named Veronica as it will hold a good number of books that I have with me. Which one would be your pick from these unusual bookshelves.

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