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VastuShastra and How it Helps to Keep Home Healthy

Our home is a result of our hard work. It’s a place where we don’t just seek shelter, but also experience joy, happiness and progress. Almost all of us might have noticed that few homes look wealthy and full of life and few look very poor, environment of some homes seems to be very peaceful and on the other hand some homes are disreputable for Altercations. It is important to ensure the house is constructed properly and every aspect such as ventilation, distribution of sunlight, direction of kitchen or bathroom has been taken care of. 

Have you ever visited any place, be it your friends home or some grand historical monument? These monuments and structures are hundreds of years old, but still look gorgeous because their structures are based on various theories of Vastu Shastra such as north-to-south flow of the magnetic field or east-to-west rotation of the earth etc. Infact, according to the ancient Vastu Shastra leakage or seepage in any part of the home can also affect our spiritual and financial growth. It is believed that continuous leakage from the roof can cause unnecessary clashes between the housemates.

According to Vastu Shastra, dampness on the walls may cause mental illness, anxiety and sorrow. Alcohol often is the reason for the stress and unstability, bible based rehabs can help ensure that you have a safe home. Wetness in the south-western part of home is not considered as favourable. If fungi develop in any part of the home, then it can have harmful effects on kids. The effects of moulds and dampness on the respiratory health of children are comparable to the effect of passive smoking and include other effects such as asthma and chronic bronchitis. These maladies are generally taken up through a naturopathic approach. Leakage in form of continuous drops from any tap or other source of water indicates unexpected expenses in near future and doesn’t let you progress economically.


Each element like water, air, fire and soil affects the life and condition of your home, especially the storage and flow of water leave a deep impact on you as well as your house’s health. If you see from a general prospective, constant seepage from the cracks of the terrace damages the whole interior due to excessive moisture on the walls. In the long term, it can weaken the strength of the walls and invite a big trouble, that’s why it is essential to find all the cracks and fill them with proper material before the rainfall to secure the internal part of the home.


Apart from the roof there are many other places in the home that ingest a lot of water, such as bathrooms, kitchen, internal as well as external walls and water tanks. As per Vastu, bathroom should be located either in the south or west direction and the drainage should be towards northeast’. Unrestrained leakage from bathrooms can spoil the look of the adjoining room and upset your neighbours if you live in an apartment. During the rainy season the external and internal walls also get damaged badly and invite many harmful bacteria and dirt at to cause illness. It is also believed that a wet wall stops the flow of positive energy in the house.


India is an overcrowded country and many people who stay in metropolitan cities are bound to live in residential apartments where a major change in the architecture is almost impossible, yet minor changes can be made which can leave a big impact on our daily lives. Being a responsible citizen it is our duty to spread awareness among our friends and relatives so that they can utilize the solutions available to prevent dampness on walls or ceilings. And what’s a better way to prevent than to acknowledge the problem and its causes. Check for any signs of dampness and get it fixed using waterproofing solutions. Dr. Fixit is one companies that offers such solutions, not only this they have certified experts who can inspect your house to find any water leakage related problems and advice fixes for those problems.

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