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Weird And Cool Homes Around the World

Home is where the family is! We can give our home a touch of creativity when it comes to the interiors but then on architecture part, we can’t make much difference besides making small changes here and there. We live in a same old usual house with the same walls, windows and doors. If you find any problem doing this, you can lend your voice and add construction punch list definition.

Ever thought how cool it would be if we lived in a house that is upside down, in a car house or in a piano? Perplexed? Well, don’t be! There are some curious people on this planet that design the craziest homes.

For today, we decided to give you a visual treat and take you to a journey of craziest architectures around the world. So let’s take a catch off to this article with the most 14 odd or the strangest domiciles around the world

  1. Car House

What about living in a home which car-shaped? Architect, Manfred Voglreiter in Austria Salzburg transformed many of the people’s dreams coming true. He transformed this house into the complete comfort for the family of four. Don’t think it is too compact because architecture has offered a luxurious comfort for the family unit. This home is filled with sustainable technologies and energy-saving systems.

2. The Steel House

This home looks like a giant pig. Created using 110 tons of steel, architecture Robert Bruno in Texas proved it to be a perfect setting for this home. Walls of the home are welded with metal, original or stained glass. Glass is added to create contrast with the rusted metal.

3. Tree House Home in Miami Florida

After a lot of hard work, every person needs some relaxing environment which is available in this tree house. It grants a peace with the early morning chirping of birds invoking the feeling of spending livelihood in trees. It has a beautiful scenario of canopy and animals.

4. The Flintstone House

This dome-shaped house in the San Fransico was named after the famous cartoon character because it resembles the ‘Stone Age’ home Fred and Wilma. Its uniqueness makes this house more familiar site for visitors. The home has curved cut-outs, twisting shelve, and egg-shaped windows. This house is named for a ‘stone age’ home as the interiors resemble with spaceship.

5. The Piano House

Architectural fans are you ready for leading on to this curious design of the house? This dwelling shaped home is like a piano which is wholly designed with black and transparent glass. It was planned by the architectural students of China with the aim of increasing tourism in the city. It serves two concert halls for musicians providing with an escalator as well as a staircase.

6. Skateboard House, USA

Skateboarders get ready for the surprise! Built by Pierre Andre Senizergues who himself was the world champion of skates, it’s a home for the gilders to practice indoors as well as outdoors. All walls and furniture pieces are skateable as the ground becomes the wall and then the ceiling in a continuous surface.

7. Ice House Detroit

This modern house will add little cold feeling as designers Gregory Holm and Matthew Redune marked this place covered entirely with snow. It rang a bell to the visitors as the most curious house.

8. Light House

Light House in Germany by Gisbert Hiller particularly draws the attention at night with 420,000 mini bulbs. This is illuminated house lets you start seeing the things that aren’t there.

9. Upside Down House in Trassenheide, Gemany

What about living in a house which is upside down with exteriors as well as with interiors. Its total decor with the aspect of downhill is built for the guest’s attraction. Every arrangement is done nicely with full efforts on the whole to make it appealing for the visitors. Designers, Klaudius Golos and Sebastion Mikuciuk actually did a great job and deserve a bow head.

10. Crooked House

Check out the unusual building with unusual architects Szotynscy and Zaleski who designed and built it in 2004 in Poland. It is the shopping center and is the world’s strangest buildings yet.

11. Transparent House

Ever imagined living in a house which is transparent? I assume it “No” as this modern transparent style is only in Tokyo which is built by Sou Fukimoto. No walls in this cool home give the ample of daylight to the living owners. It seems that one is hovering over the tree because of the vertical sleek design but it lacks in space to yourself for the reason of its transparency.

12. Shoe House

The striking looking interior of the shoe house is full of rock and wood carvings by the creator Ron Van Zyl. He constructed this pleasing home for his lovely wife who wanted a shoe. Later this Shoe was converted into a Museum which includes a camp site, a chalet guest house, restaurant, bar, pool and curio shop.

13. Slide House

Yes, all the floors of this house are connected to the slides. The slides are also followed by the staircases so one can decide actually which direction to be taken. This slide house is in Nakameguro in Tokyo, Japan which offers a three-story family house.

14. Space House

Are you ready to travel in a space? Then just take a look at this address in Tennessee which was built by Curtis King and his sons in 70s. It has six concrete support pillars which look like landing gear beneath the main part of the building.

While entangling yourself in these crazy homes personally, I say the upside down house, steel house, light house, tree house and car house are the world’s passionate and pleasant houses to live in. People can live virtually anywhere but some do it better than others. These beautiful, wacky and unique living structures are a testament to human creativity and ingenuity. Have something to say? Write us in our comment box.

Rajni Setia

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