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What You Must Know When Building Custom Log Homes In Canada

Log homes have become a rather popular investment these years, and it’s no wonder. Their uniqueness, both when it comes to the construction process, and the appearance, has rightfully caught people’s attention. Just standing in front of a cabin like this takes you back in time and makes you feel calm and at peace.

Nowadays, it has become a piece of cake to own a structure like this. Thanks to some amazing log home kits in Canada, these are fairly easy to build, while still maintaining all the properties they had back when the process was slightly more complicated. This simplicity makes them even more attractive.


However, before deciding to construct your own, naturally, you want to learn a few things about them. Rushing into investments like these was never a good idea, so why should it be now? Take your time to do some research and find out what more is there to these structures apart from their undeniable aesthetic appeal.


First and foremost, you should get acquainted with different types. There are four kinds best known on the market. Take a quick look at their features, compare the differences and decide which one would be the most suitable for you.



You can recognize a full-scribe house by their carefully, horizontally stacked logs making up the walls. Every single piece has an indentation cut into its underside, so that it can fit in perfectly and effortlessly with the one below. The time it takes to build these depends on your design preferences, but a few months will generally do the trick. And, when finished, they look absolutely amazing. Look at this.

When it comes to the advantages of this type, it is important to mention that they are known to be extremely energy efficient when put together in a proper way. Furthermore, given their physical mass, they are highly weather resistant and durable. Of course, you should take the characteristics of your location in Canada into consideration before deciding on a specific type of log used in the construction.

Post And Beam

Moving on, we found post and beam designs to be one of the most popular on the market. They are made with vertical posts that hold large, horizontal logs. Since a smaller amount of pieces is used in building these homes, they are a more cost-effective investment.

Cost-effectiveness is, however, not their only benefit. Once again, their design makes them energy efficient. And when speaking of design, these are more flexible than the first type. Additionally, they have proved to be easier for maintenance.

Timber Frame

These are very similar to the previous type, in the sense that they also feature horizontal logs held by vertical posts. Nevertheless, there is one significant difference. As opposed to the round-profile post and beam kind, these pieces are cut into squares.

Find out what timber framing is:

As compared to the full-scribe home, you will have no settling issues with these structures. Furthermore, they are easy for wiring and plumbing. If you want a low maintenance home with logs less visible from the outside, then this is your perfect choice. As usually, everything depends on your style and preferences.



This is the fourth type that I have mentioned. Essentially, it is a combination of post and beam and timber homes. That being said, the features of those two types can be found in this one as well. This mix of styles might have some design advantages, but it’s up to you to decide.


As you would expect, durability plays a key role when any product is in question, let alone something as important as a house. This is not the kind of investment you want to repeat every couple of months. And before engaging into the building process, you want to know what to expect.

If everything is done the right way, these should live between 20 and 50 years. Nevertheless, how long a log home will last also depends on the type you choose. So, consult the experts on the kits and decide on your best option.


Unsurprisingly, one of the most significant questions you have in mind is the value of a log house. And I am not talking about the price and the amount of money needed to build one. I am talking about market value and its fluctuations over time. Because, let’s face it, you might want to sell it at some point. And even if you don’t, it is good to know that you could.

I have some good news for you regarding this. When everything is properly constructed and maintained, custom log homes are sure to hold their value for a long time. So, when you choose a high-quality kit, there is no need to worry about this.

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