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Where To Find A Licensed Building Inspector In Adelaide SA

The building industry, construction companies, and the overall enormousness of this industry can certainly be overwhelming, and even more so if you are just starting and getting your feet wet with new builds. 

You may have always been someone’s right-hand man, the one that is making the calls to have inspectors or approvers confirm appointments and times, oversee the facilities in the waiting areas or transport to and from the sites is suitable, but now things have changed.

Suddenly you find yourself on the other side of the table, the shoe on the other foot as the saying goes, and it can be daunting. Going into the process with a clear vision, mindset, and plan of action is going to be your best form of implementation and getting the job done right the first time around.

Starting fresh.

Your father has agreed after many discussions and late-night whiskeys to lend you the financing needed to start your project, build something that has your stamp on it, and when you drive or walk past it daily you are filled with a sense of pride.

There is a sense of accomplishment (literally) and taking that initial step could be the change in your life you have been searching for all these years. 

Don’t hesitate, see here  for some boost in motivation to get the ball rolling, the rest is up to you, you know how the old saying goes, ‘is your story going to ‘one day’ or ‘day one?’ 

The only thing holding you back is your anxiety and fear, and this is a good thing my mother used to tell me, ‘there is nothing better than being nervous or scared when embarking on a new adventure, it makes you aware and keeps you alert.’ 

This has stuck with me all these years and rings true still when I quote-unquote it to my children, who of course like me had no idea what she was saying and so reply with rolling eyes and an ‘ok mom’ comment. Isn’t life funny how it comes full circle?

Steps have been taken.

You have had plans approved and contractors have agreed and signed papers, and before you knew it concrete pillars were towering up into the sky, workmen scattered like raisins on a cake when you look at the building site, and your dreams are becoming a reality before your eyes.

The completion date is just around the corner and now is the time you have worked so hard all these years for, to have the whole thing ‘checked out.’ 

While you may have been through this situation countless times as an employee, this time around the pressure falls to you and your shoulders, the weight you bare is yours alone. You begin digging through and looking at the names of people and companies you have worked with and opt for one that ticked the boxes when it comes to professionalism and efficiency.

Plenty firms are looking for business and who can do the job, but when it comes to your project you want the expertise on your side, companies such as Summerton Adelaide building inspectors don’t only have years of experience behind them, but the customer service you should be looking for and deserve. Every client is important irrespective of their budget.

Job descriptions. 

You may think it is as simple as printing off a checklist and ticking the boxes that match when you arrive on-site, and I wish it were that easy, but the inspectors do have to have studied and attained degrees and licenses that qualify them to oversee and approve your premise.

When it comes to building inspectors you ideally want someone who has seen and done it all in the industry, I have no issues helping a newly graduated and licensed person gain hands-on work experience, but just not on this occasion, a few more projects and then possibly a consideration from my end.

Being an inspector may be the career choice you are looking to, click here for an in-depth look into what is all involved, how to go about the process, and then you have valuable knowledge to make a smart decision if this is something for you, it may just be the answer you needed to make that deciding choice.

Essentially when we hire an inspector their duties are to evaluate and check the building, its amenities, and facilities, and approve its safety to be inhabited and safe for use. There are regulations in place, which can be found on government websites, and codes that need to be adhered to for the inspection to be classified as a pass.

Different stages of builds require various permits, of which my husband and I agonizingly are well versed in with the current build of our home, who knew there were so many stages to complete, but that is a story for another day. Each needs to be ticked off before proceeding to the next stage of work.

Why hire an inspector?

The main objective of any build or project is to reach completion and have it ready for sale or use, either way, this can only be done if everything has been approved, this is done by a building inspector.

They can save you a lot of money too, helping you see small things to fix, change, or update to meet the codes and regulations, offer advice to install units that will not only work in the long run but increase the overall property value.

Having studied many areas to be educated in full-scale building requirements is something to be admired, from plumbing to electrical, structural and aesthetics, an appointment to get inspected and approved is a small price to pay than trying to go it alone and eventually end up paying more than you intended to.

Do your homework and research and choose a firm that either comes recommended or has great customer reviews because we all know people to like to complain if they have the chance.

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