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10 DIYs to Brighten Up your Garden Furniture

What a lovely sight it is to see people taking care of their home, making sure they decorate it the best way possible not bothering about time and money being invested. Modern home owners are making every effort to make their home spread uniqueness and elegance. When I dream of a house which I would want to decorate my way, there are miscellaneous ideas the keep popping up.

While listing down the wooden fence designs, and backyard pool ideas, I was wondering what could be done to add a touch of charm to the garden that sometimes is left unattended once the plants are added to it.

Believe me guys, there is so much to do and add that you ill be left stunned with the makeover. All it takes is the mood, creative ideas, some time and little efforts. But then nothing is going to go down the drain, infact the results will leave you wondering as to why the garden area was left untouched when there are so many wonderful possibilities to fix with just a gardenline whipper snipper.

Here, I have listed down some of the creative ideas that will surely do wonders if you implement. Read them out.

1. Log Planters

Ever thought the old abandoned logs that one can see anywhere can be superb planters? Unbelievably true, the image below shows how nice they appear to be when they are planted with different flowers.


2. Bright Colored Cushions

If you have a nice furniture in your garden then go in for some bright colored cushions that add to the charm. If you do not, look at this online catalog at and buy some already.


3. Colorful Hammcock

If you don’t have one, you can buy it for the fact that firstly these are very relaxing, socendly colors in which these are available will surely brighten up your garden. Nesure you have trees to hang the hammcock on.


4. Plant some Beautiful Flowers

Plant in some flowers in the different way. Here is a different idea to plant in some flowers in your old wellies that you can upcycle them by painting them in bright colors.


5. Colorful Hangings

Use your creative skills to come up with the idea of creating colorful hangings that you can add to your garden giving it a facelift.


6. Painted Bench

If you have a nice bench on your garden you can paint it in different colors or you can add a pallet bench painted in different bright colors. Reach out to this Unaka Forest Products pallet manufacturer. The de-constructed pallets can make wonderful raw material to create this colorful bench.


7. Colorful Lights

Lighting anywhere promises to brighten up the are where these are placed or hung. If you add some of the colorful lamps in your garden area, these will not just brighten it up during night time but will make the entire area look superb even when not lit.


8. Colorful Stones

Stones you know are everywhere and in the gardens you would find them lying here and there. You can take some paint, make your creative juices flow and color them the way you like.


9. Tyer Planters

You might me wondering how can we make planters out of bike or car tyres. Image pinned here will give you the clear idea and I guess I shouldn’t spare more words as this picture solves the purpose.


10. Colorful Furniture

This might sound similar like the points listed above but then if you are adding so much of colors and brightness to your garden why not paint the furniture pieces in differnt colors. It would definitely add to the charm.

Don’t forget to share your ideas with us. we would love to add your DIY colorful idea for brightening up the garden area of modern homes.

Rajni Setia

Rajni is a Mass Communication post graduate with good know-how of the online media. With seven years of experience in content writing she is currently handling various blogs. Her areas of interest are not limited to one or two things instead lot many like home decor, fashion, tattoos and anything that appears soothing to eye.

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