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12 Things at Home you Don’t have to Throw Away

At home, we have innumerable such products that we throw away without even knowing the other purpose these can solve. As we have so many products lying in the store room which we dispose off. However, creative geniuses make the optimum use of the products they have at home. Infact, there are many hotels, restaurants that are making use of these resources and crafting such items to leave the visitors amused. Days back we visited a hotel where everything from furniture to decoration was made of old spare parts of the bikes that otherwise could have gone to junkyard.

Today, we decided to prepare a compilation of old unused products to give them the new dimension and use them for other purposes. By other purposes I mean some can solve the utilitarian purpose, while others can be used for decoration of your home. Also, you can craft such products that you can gift to your loved ones.

From accessories to small planters and decorative products, there are many such products that can be beautifully crafter, all you need is to divert your mind and make your creative juices flow. Here are certain ideas that some people have worked upon. Check them out and think for yourself as to which ones you would want to go in for. Enjoy checking them out.

1. Baby Food Jars

If you have those baby food jars at home, you can use them as salt and pepper shakers. The ones pinned here are lovely.


2. Wine Corks

This idea is for all you wine lovers out there as I am sure you have many wine corks lying here and there after the party in your home. You can collect all the wine corks and make a finely crafted decorative wall hanging that can also be used as a board for notes to remember and for your family members if you are not at home.


3. Magazines/Books

Magazines and books that we tend to dispose off can be used to creatively hold your pictures. How? Check out the image below and you’ll understand. Remember folding the pages of books this way. Do them with all the pages of the book and it can become a photo holder. Simple and cool idea it is.


4. Beer Bottles

If you remember our article on Halloween decoration. We listed a point in which empty beer bottles could be used for creating decorative lighting. I personally loved the idea though, and waiting for the next beer party. Wink wink!


5. Pringles Cans

I remember buying Pringles for the first time (long back) in a flight. Will you believe that I loved the can so much that i still have the box with me. This idea of covering the can and decorating it with lace or something sounds amazing.


6. Wooden Boxes

If you have empty wooden boxes lying there in the store room and you plan to throw them away. Wait for a while and think about this. You can plant some flowers in them. Isn’t it? Sounds good to me. I will grow little herbs in these.


7. Disposable cups

Decoration with disposable cups might sound weird but is possible. I agree that disposable cups are meant to use and throw, but then here is a creative idea to use these disposable cups. You can paint them and hang them on the walls of any room in a decorative way.


8. Old Candle Jars

With the festivity in full swing I am sure you all have brought may candles to decorate your home. After the party is over, don’t throw away the candle cans instead reuse them to store your little accessories.


9. Food Cans

Don’t throw away the empty food cans instead reuse them. How? Well, you can paint them the way you want to and then use them for planting purposes. Grow some herbs in the empty food cans. Sounds good, huh!


10. Whiskey Bottles

If you have some empty whiskey bottles don’t just throw them away. Instead, rinse them and make them the soap dispensers. Trust me, these will look superb as the soap dispensers.


11. Tin Cans

Tin can pen holder or vases sounds a nice idea. I mean, why throw them when you can paint them and use the same as pen holders or vases if you wish to.


12. Forks

Unused forks that you plan to dump away want to stay more in your house, but not in the kitchen instead in your accessory box. Mold the forks in such a way that these can be used as a bracelet. The image below says it all.


While you were checking out these superbly crafted items from things that could have been thrown away if not thought about being used to solve other purposes did any idea popped up in your mind? If yes, why not share it with us all.

Rajni Setia

Rajni is a Mass Communication post graduate with good know-how of the online media. With seven years of experience in content writing she is currently handling various blogs. Her areas of interest are not limited to one or two things instead lot many like home decor, fashion, tattoos and anything that appears soothing to eye.

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