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12 Best Home Cleaning Gadgets you can Buy Right Now

Gone are the days when women were supposed to be at home doing the household chores all by themselves. Women nowadays are going out and giving their best shot professionally. With this growth, there is one problem that they are facing-balancing the work and home life. Obviously growing professionally and being independent, handling finances and contributing to the family is one of the best feeling.  However, raising the kids, taking care of the home, giving time to the family without compromising the quality of work at professional sphere is one struggle that modern women are facing.

If there is a problem there has to be a solution for sure, all we got to do is find the right solution to our problem. Modern working women keep looking for smart solutions to handle various tasks at home.Besides outsourcing, there are some smart handy gadgets that claim to be of great help doing some of the works so that you have that extra time to spend with your family and friends of which there is no substitute. .  A women doesn’t need to be left to doing all the work either.  She can buy a Dymo label printer and make signs for her family to help her out with some chores.

Blessed are we to be the part of the technologically advanced era where we have smart solutions that help ease our job of handling various tasks. Today, as the title of the post makes it clear, we have come up with a list of some of the best, technologically cool gadgets that will do the house cleaning job for you all thereby providing you with ample time to spend with your family and do other household chores. You all are sure to fall in love with these best home cleaning gadgets the moment you get to see them and would want one or more for your yourself. Do let us know your best home cleaning gadgets in the comments section below.

1. RoboMop Floor Duster

A revolutionary home cleaning gadget called RoboMop that will make your life easier by mopping your floor automatically. You just have to charge the robotic ball for 3 hours, attach microfibre pad comes with in the package, select cleaning time and put robotic ball in the cleaning unit.

Robomop will do the rest on its own and it changes the direction automatically if there is any obstacle. Microfibre pad is good enough to attract hairs, dust particles and lints. You can wash it anytime you want and works on ceramic, granite, marble, wood, etc.

2. Winbot Window Cleaning Robots

Leave the traditional methods of cleaning windows by paper towels, spraying, cotton clothes, etc. Bring Winbot window cleaning robots to your home and be worry free. Some of the Winbot window cleaning gadgets include cleaning of framed/unframed glass, windows and mirrors, does automatically by just touching one button, comes with useable cleaning pads, automatically cleans hard to reach areas.

Winbot comes in 3 series : W7, W8 and W9. W9 being the latest in the technology, comes with all the features its predecessors has. So, what are you waiting for, click the link, read the features and buy one of the best window cleaning gadget available in the market.


3. Bruno

Every damn thing in this world is getting smarter so why not a trashcan? Bruno – self-acclaimed world’s smartcan that has a motion sensing lid and comes with a mobile phone app that remind you to clean it after some gap of days. Bruno has integrated vacuum feature that put all the sweeping directly into the trash can.

Not only this, mobile app reminds you when Bruno is low on trash bags and you can order them by clicking a button from the app itself. Other than vacuum inlet, Bruno comes with motion sensors that helps you to open the lid without touching it. Bruno has built-in charging and filtration system and has a separate place in trash bags.

4. Braava Floor Mopping Robot

Here’s another useful floor mopping robot, but more advanced in terms of usage in comparison with RoboMop. Braava is an intelligent floor mopping gadget that uses dry or damp clothes to mop hard-surface floors and cleans all dirt, smudges, pet hairs effectively. It can be operated in two modes: one is dry mop mode and another is camp mope mode. The best part which I like about this gadget is it works quietly without any sound.

Braava also comes with reservoir cleaning pad that dispenses liquid when it is working to refresh the microfiber cloth attached to it. Braava supports a unique technology as it comes to the same place from where it started and charge in just 2 hours.


5. LitterMaid Self-cleaning Litter Box

This one is a must have gadget for those who are cat lovers and pets them in their own house. LitterMaid self-cleaning litter box is useful to keep your home hygienic as it ensures to clean the litter on its own. This gadget senses when the cat is entered into the box, clean all the waste and put it into a sealed containment unit when your cat leaves.

6. Cleanwave Sanitizing Wand

How about sanitizing most affected areas rather than cleaning hands again and again using hand sanitizer and wasting water. This little gadgets work as a magic wand and kill germs, allergens, bacteria, fast with 99.99% accuracy as Cleanwave used the same UV-C light technology that hospitals use to sanitize hospital equipments for more than 30 years. Cleanwave also helps you to remove odors and bacterias if you have a pet-friendly home meaning you can now enjoy more with your pets without worrying.


7. iRobot Looj – Gutter Cleaning Robot

Gutter clearning was never an easy job till Looj came into existence and became one of the best gutter cleaning robot available in the market. Using Looj, you can do all the gutter cleaning automatically and your water flows remain normal. Using Looj 330, you don’t have to reposition the ladder every now and then, just put ladder at one spot, start the machine and it will travel for you blasting away all the dust, leaves, clogs and sludge automatically.

Looj 330 spins at 500RPM making sure nothing is left in the gutter and comes with two cleaning modes : one is automatic and the other one is manual where you can tell the robot the way you want it to work. Look cleans 30 foot section of gutter in just 5 minutes and comes with waterproof design so that you can the gadget effectively with worry.


8. Nest Protect

Smoke detector became smart too. Here’s one smart smoke and carbon monoxide detector called Nest Protect that notifies problems through its mobile phone app. Nest protect also tells from which room there is a problem and whether its a fire emergency or smoke from burning food. It also lights up when you wake up in the middle of the night and walk underneath it. It’s important to have a complete installation of fire suppression systems to make your home safe.


9. Touchless Toilet Flush Kit

This nifty little gadget is a must have toilet cleaning gadget every homeowner should buy. This gadget will upgrade your toilet to no-touch flush. That means, when it is installed, you just have to hold your hand over the tank and flush will be activated. A smart product that saves your hand from touching flush button full of germs.


10. Scrubbing Bubbles Automatic Shower Cleaner

Another little gadget that helps you to clean your shower automatically with just a press of a button. When you press the cleaning button, the dual sprayer spins 360 degrees, sprays a penetrating cleaner and removes tough stains like mold & mildew, soap scums for at least 30 days. It has a booster button that doubles the cleaning power when you are in a hurry. The cleaner which comes with the package will keep your bathroom smelling clean for 24 hours.


11. Dyson Humidifier

While, we know that even humidifier breed bacteria because of their technology, but Dyson’s humidifier kills 99.9 of bacteria because of its ultraviolet cleanse technology. It comes with an accurate climate control technology so that there is no humidification in the room. It can work up to 18 hours and comes with a remote control so that you can change settings from where you are.


12. Purpose for Pets Portable Extractor with Blacklight Tool

If you have any pet in your home, then you should buy this portable gadget that will help you to find the source of pet odors or stains in your carpet or upholstery. Other than finding pet stains, this gadget will help you remove them too. It comes with scrub brush with backlight LED integrated into it so that you can find the hidden pet stain easily and remove with odor remover.


Heave a sigh of relief with these hi-tech best home cleaning gadgets that promise to keep your home clean and dust-free. Now, you don’t have to worry for the cleaning of your home on weekends or holidays. Order your home cleaning gadget to do the house cleaning job and indeed you would feel like applauding the superb work done by these helpful gadgets and also the creative person who came up with the amazing gadgets.

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