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14 Best Smart Home Gadgets to Use in 2016

How do you define modern homes? Do you go on the visual appeal or the comfort it provides to the home owners? Well, its the blend of both. Modern home owners focus even on the minutest detail of things that are included to  be the part of their modern abode, color combination, the technology they bring in the form of gadgets and everything that promises to make their living luxurious and comfortable.

In today’s hi-tech era, we can’t expect our homes to be left out thinking nothing technological can be the part of our homes. From televisions to music systems, kitchen and home cleaning gadgets, there are some really cool technologically smart gadgets that have become the part of our homes. Even security systems being rolled out are so hi-tech that we can operate it through our mobile phones.

Want to know what are your kids doing in the living room while you are cooking in the kitchen? Check out your mobile phone that when connected to the camera will keep a watch on your kids. Similarly, there are other smart home gadgets of 2016 that when made the part of your home, will ease your task help you the best way possible. Take a look at best smart home gadgets that we have selected to be the part of our list.

1. LG TwinWash

LG always surprised us when you talk about smart home gadgets. Here’s one more that was revealed at CES this year, which is called as LG TwinWash and sports small washing machine within the big washing machine. This innovative LG washing machine has a full size top load that will help you to wash bigger loads and simultaneously, you can wash your delicate clothes when you pull out drawer on the bottom.

2. D-Link HD Pan & Tilt Wi-Fi Camera

A smart security system from D-Link that will help you to make your home like a castle and protect it. It helps you to keep an eye on small children and all the places you want in the home. As this one has Pan/Tilt functionality, it is easy to cover wider areas of your home. Not only during the day, but it comes handy at night as D-Link HD Pan has up to 26 feet view in complete darkness.

Some of the features include wide angle viewing, night viewing, HD video quality, store videos to cloud and built-in Micro SD card slot. There is dedicated iPhone, iPad and Android app too, if you want to keep an eye on your home when you are out. Not only this, HD Pan could be connected wirelessly or with Ethernet cable that provides you the freedom to keep it anywhere.

3. Parrot Pot

An intelligent Bluetooth connected flower pot for your lovely flowers that can automatically water your plants even if you forget. Parrot Pot has a built-in water compartment that is sufficient to plant your water for three months on the factors based on ambient light, temperature, fertilizer and soil moisture. Parrot Pot will be available from April 2016 and comes with a stand-alone smartphone app that will give you access to a database of 8000 plant species. Not only that, the app will send you real time notifications if any of your plant needs immediate need.

So, wait for April 2016, buy it and be worry free about your plants if you are out on a vacation. But, if you want to buy something right now which works the same way, you should go for Nimbus intelligent water system to water your plant automatically.

4. Smarter Coffee Machine

Home owners are surely interested in smart home gadgets these days and that is the reason more and more companies coming up with smart products. One more such product is a coffee machine from Smarter company that help you to make coffee even before you rise or you come home from the office, etc. Thanks to their smartphone app that will help you connect to the machine anywhere you are and brew 12 pots of coffee from your phone. Not only this, you can adjust the coffee strength and flavor right from your smartphone.

Other than this, you can clean the coffee machine with just one tap from the smartphone. It also comes with 3 color variations – solid black, soft cream and vibrant red that you can choose according to your home interior colors.


5. Belkin : WeMo Switch + Motion

WeMo Switch + Motion sensors give home owners complete home automation solution. You can connect any of your appliances and electronics with WeMo switch and motion sensors that will help you to control them from anywhere you are. You can turn these appliances turn on/off or even schedule them before coming to home so you can save time. With the help of WeMo motion sensors, you can control all your appliances connected with WeMo Switch with movement.

6. leakSMART – Home Water Leak Detection & Auto Shutoff

Well, the title is self understood, leakSMART is a smart home gadget that you can attach to your pipes and it wirelessly detects any leak and shut off the main water supply automatically in less than 5 seconds. With the iPhone, Android and a web app, you can check all your water leakage from any part of the world.

7. Mistfit Bolt

Misfit Bolt is basically a wireless connected smart LED bulb, but with some other awesome features like you can connect Bolt with their activity and sleeping trackers. You can choose millions of color combinations or create your own from the pictures on your phone gallery. You don’t need to set up a hub to control the bulb from your smartphone as it works with wireless technology. Well, you can buy 1 bulb for $49.99 and you can get a discount of 21 dollars if you buy 3 bulbs together.

8. Keen Home Smart Vent

Using this smart vent from Keen Home you can control the temperate of each room individually that will reduce energy costs. Keen Home Smart Vent individually controls temperature of each room to increase the comfort level and eliminate hot and cold spots of your home. With its smartphone app, you can control the temperature of each room manually or could be set to the auto-pilot mode.

Other than the above fantastic features, Smart Vent comes with built-in air purifiers to purify the air you breathe. You can also change the look of smart vent as they give you the option to choose from various faceplates according to your interior design.


9. Netatmo Welcome

How about installing home security camera that has in-built face recognition system that will help you to check who’s in the home through your smartphone even if you are in a different part of the world? If it sounds interesting, Netatmo Welcome is for you with face recognition technology that will send you notifications with the name when someone enters in your home. It will also alert you when it sees a stranger with a notification “Stranger Seen”. Using the smartphone app, you can check live stream and past events if you have missed something while in the meeting.

10. Samsung VR9000 POWERbot Cleaning Robot Vacuum

Some time before, I featured some of the best home cleaning gadgets which I thought were the best. But, when I came to know about VR9000 Powerbot is cleaning robot vacuum from Samsung, I made a decision to buy it and realize this one is the most powerful vaccum cleaner in the market with 20x more powerful suction then its competitors. Not only the power, it has smart features that helps the gadgets to navigate home on its own and automatically adjusts to all floor types easily.

VR9000 does its job automatically, but also gives you option to handle it manually if you feel that one spot is not done properly.


11. SleepIQ Kids Bed

Well, we all know that well-rested kids does well in studies and sports. For this reason, Sleep Number built SleepIQ kids bed that adjusts automatically when they grow up. Installing this bed on your kids room, you can check how they sleep and what adjustments you can make so that they sleep better. Using the Sleep Number smartphone app, you can track the quantity and quality of your child’s sleep.

Some of the features include optional head-tilt when for reading, automatic lights turn off function, soft underbed lightning and alerts you when the kids are out of bed.

12. iDevices Switch

Integrating iDevices Switch connected plugs in your home, you can control electronic appliances from anywhere in the world using Apple’s Siri Voice Commands and iDevices Connected App. You can control all the home electronics with the Switch like humidifiers, coffee machines, lamps, vaccum cleaners, etc. and schedule them to turn on/off from the app.

13. Invoxia Triby – Connected Speaker for the Kitchen

In today’s busy life, everyone wants to be their daily use gadgets smarter. This one is smart Wi-Fi connected magnetic speaker that will help you stay connected with your loved ones while working in the kitchen. It comes in 4 color variants that makes sure goes well with the Kitchen interiors.

Not only Triby is smart, but has an awesome sound for your favorite music which comes through two speakers and a bass amplifier managed by world renowned Vivo Acoustic Technology. It has a built-in message board that helps you to send doodles to your kids and they can acknowledge by sending you emoticons, yellow flag or even a phone call using pre-set buttons on the speaker. It comes with Triby iOS app that allows you to make free internet calls without even need of a landline. Amazing, isn’t it?

14. Petcube : Remote Wi-Fi Pet Camera

Leaving pets alone when you are out of home is surely a scary task. I did 2-3 times before and everytime I found some of my furniture destroyed by my dog. But, Petcube came with the solution – Wi-fF Pet Camera which stay connected to your pets when you are not at home. You can check what they are doing using the smartphone app and even engage them to play with yourself using laser pointer catches games.

Other than watch, play, you can share access of your Petcude camera with your friends and family and they can even play too when you are busy doing some important work.

Are you using any such smart home gadgets in your house? Do, let us know by leaving your comments below.

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