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10 Christmas Outdoor Decoration Ideas You’ll Love

It is chilly outside and there is much needed warmth inside. The best part of the season is that there is so much we can enjoy; from the weather to cozy comfortable attire, sitting near the fireplace and enjoying the cup of coffee, those cuddles and much more. With the festivities in full swing, people are making every possible effort to bring in the warmth and make their interiors decorated and spread coziness. This reminds me of an article which we came up with on how to decorate the master bedroom walls of your home.

This was all about the weather and cozy atmosphere around. What you have all done for the festivities? Have you started with the preparations? I am sure yes! After-all, Christmas is the much awaited festival of the year and we all love it.

Today, we have decided to share some little tips and ideas that are sure to add the charm to your modern homes. But hey, there is a twist in the story. This time it is not about the interiors, but then the exteriors of the modern homes. Check our other article featuring low-cost Christmas home decorating ideas. Why not? Exteriors of our homes too deserve a special attention.

So, here’s the list of Christmas outdoor decoration ideas to decorate your exteriors this Christmas!

1. Tree Decoration

I am sure you have lovely trees in your courtyard and if you have many of them, that’s a wonderful thing and you can decorate the trees with various sparkling ornaments and you can make best use of the ornamental decorative.


2. Wreaths

Hang a nice wreath on the doors on the exterior side. There is not just one kind of wreath available that you can buy. Also, you can give shape to your creative ideas and make the wreaths yourself too, if you have that urge and time.


3. Holiday Welcome Mat

There are some really nicely made welcome mats available online and in the stores. You can buy  them and place them at the door of your home (at the entrance) to give a warm welcome to your guests.


4. Hanging Lanterns

Hang some beautifully crafted lanterns in your courtyard or at the doorway add the charm to the overall decoration.


5. Starry String Lights

There are various colorful lights available in the markets and Christmas is all about lights, candles, decorations, ornaments. You can make the best of the starry string lights and decorate the branches, trees, plants and other things with them.


6. Candles

Place some candles and if the weather is favorable, you can can blow them and spread the warmth around. Candles create amazing ambience and are simply superb decorative item worth taking home and blowing up.


7. Hanging Planters

There are various ways you can hang the planters. The idea of hanging skating shoes (as planters) I loved the most and is apt for the festive season.


8. Artificial Snowman

If by chance its doesn’t snow on Christmas, you can any day craft an artificial snowman and make him stand in your outdoors. Don’t forget to wrap the muffler around and make him wear a nice hat. Also, you can place some lighted balls around him to make him look all the more stunning.


9. Decorating the Fence

Fences are the part of modern exteriors and if you have them around, why leave them unattended. Instead, you can go about decorating the fences with lights, ornaments, little plants or whatever you believe suits the best.


10. Outdoor Furniture

I am sure you have some lovely outdoor furniture pieces. Why not add some colorful cushions, coverings and something that will make them look appealing and comfortable. To do so, its genuinely worth it and will add charm to the overall exterior decorations.


To sum up, spread the warmth to your exteriors and welcome your buddies/family by adding some festive magic to the outside of your home. Share your Christmas outdoor decoration ideas with us all!

Rajni Setia

Rajni is a Mass Communication post graduate with good know-how of the online media. With seven years of experience in content writing she is currently handling various blogs. Her areas of interest are not limited to one or two things instead lot many like home decor, fashion, tattoos and anything that appears soothing to eye.

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