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9 Creative DIY Lamps to Brighten up your Interiors

Undoubtedly market shelves are loaded with amazing options when it comes to buying stuff for ourselves, our home, office or anything. However, the creative geniuses prefer the DIYs (Do It Yourself) over the readymade stuff. Which is why they make optimum use of their creative skills and come up with amazing ideas. 10 DIYs to Brighten Up your Garden Furniture is the perfect example that I would cite here to prove my point.

Coming to the topic of the day. Lightings that promise to illuminate and brighten up the space are available in every size, shape, design. Infact, designers now days are making optimum use of their creative skills and with their out-of-the-box ideas are coming up with amazingly designed lightings, chandeliers, sconces, table lamps and likewise to ensure these compliment the modern interiors.

With oodles of such an amazing range of lights already up there who would think of crafting ones out of waste material or any kind of stationary as in papers, plastic, cotton, waste cloth material, straws and many such raw materials. All it takes is the creative bent of mind and now a days despite having innumerable options, people are trying their hands on lighting designs and coming up with awe-inspiring illuminating lights beautifully crafted.

Rightly categorised as DIYs, there are some really amazing DIY lamps that I’ll leave you all dazed and the raw material being used to craft such creatively designed lights will surely leave you wondering Sneak a peek at the superbly designed DIY lamps that we have collected for you all to check out and try your hands on some if you want to.

1. DIY Recycled TetraBox Lamp

Wizkid of Ed Chew, this beautiful lamp is crafted out of the  recycled tetraboxes that we tend to ignore and dump down.


2. Straw Lamp

Though this might sound to be an old idea, but is still going to brighten up modern interiors is a super classy way. Its a nice lamp made up of straws. Who knew the straws that are used to drink can lighten up the most modern spaces.


3. Gummy Bear Chandelier

Using the gummy bear chandelier,  Kevin Champeny designed this superb colorful chandelier. It is a custom 7 tier Gummy Chandelier that measures 25″ diameter x 14″ tall and is crafted using 1500+ hand cast gummy bears.


4. Bottle Lamps

Old wine bottles can be seen anywhere which is indeed not a nice site. Well, do you know, these empty bottles can brighten up modern homes?


5. Pop Top Lamp Shade

This is a nice looking lampshade made up of beer can top and linked in quite a stunning way.


6. Hanger Lights

If you are planning to throw away the hangers that are no more being used for hanging your dresses than think again. Take a look at this beautifully crafted lamp pinned below and I am sure you would immediately change your mind.


7. CD Lamp

Stack together the old not in use CDs and craft these superb lampshade.


8. Grater Lights

Now this one seems to be super easy and cool lighting. Don’t throw away your old used graters and use them in creating something simple amazing.


9. Paper Starburst Pendant Light

Crafted out of papers, this pendant lighting is indeed marvelous.


Do you have any creative DIY lamp ideas worth sharing? If yes, hat’s the wait for. Drop in your comments below and we will let surely be updating our list with the same to spread the word and let people know of your creative ideas. Till then you spread the word around let your friends and family know about these  creative DIY ideas.

Rajni Setia

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