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Finding The Top Electricians To Sort That Flickering Light Problem In The Home

We have all been in that office, or that toilet cubicle where no matter how long the problem has been going on for nobody seems to be doing anything about it? The lights have either blown completely, are dull as the hill with all the zest for life sucked from them or are flickering to what looks like a strobe light. Can you say annoying?

Nothing can make you crazier than trying to work or finish a task on time than a constant blinking of a light bulb. You may not realize it but you subconsciously think about it, you can’t stay focused, and by the end of the day the work has been mediocre and you are in a bad mood.

This, if not months before, would be the time to leave it to the professionals, calling in electricians last minute can be tricky, expensive, and if rushed inconvenient to your already full schedule. But alas we sacrifice to get the job done.

In the house.

That being said it could be as easy a fix as calling down to maintenance and not leaving the building till you see he has arrived like he should have done the last 3 times you asked him yet had an excuse as to why he didn’t pitch.

But when it comes to matters of the home it is a different story.

At home the minute we see a light not working optimally or has blown we change it, or if it wants to perform its disco flickering moves we immediately reach for the call directory and find the electrician’s number. 

Thankfully, we have had the luxury of using the same electrician for years and have built a great relationship with him, if you are new to the home-owning game then finding your right fit with utility servicemen is going to be essential to a good home maintenance routine.

Some husbands, bless them, think that by watching a marathon of YouTube videos they can ‘be’ the electrician needed, and as heartwarming as this might be it often ends up escalating the situation or making everything worse.  

Electricians are vitally important in keeping the home, and your family, safe. You can read more about it here and perhaps pass it onto hubby to have a look over during his next cup of tea.

Choosing the right man for the job.

How do you know you have hired the right person or company for the task, is there a checklist we can download? Someone who has done the leg work and we can simply call up for a quote or better yet an immediate appointment? As wonderful as that might be, there are a few factors to consider when bringing an electrician into your home.

5 Features to look for in your electric guy.

  • Recommendations. This step saves you a lot of time, worry, and you can be sure you have made the right choice. Using someone that a friend or family member has used and was happy with takes a weight off and gives you peace of mind to leave them to it in the house while you go to work or run errands.
  • Local. Looking closer to home has many perks, most of the community will most likely know them and have something to comment on, they will know his whereabouts (villagers have a sixth sense for these things), and he may just be around the corner if you should find yourself in an emergency.

Perhaps your son or daughter have taken an interest in the industry and electrical engineering as a possible career, knowing the local community electrician you can ask questions or get advice. If this is a card on the table, check out an article on the topic in this link for answers to questions you may have or information you weren’t aware of but is considered important.

  • Reviews. If you are looking further out or have recently moved to a new area, having a browse at their customer comments and review section on their website will give a good indication of the service you are likely to receive.
  • Cost. Try to get at least a handful of quotes, this way you can see an average rate you should be charged and it will immediately raise a red flag if someone is trying their luck in terms of pricing.
  • Qualification. Last, but certainly not least, check that they have an up to date electrical license and are qualified to carry out the required work. This not only covers you should something go wrong but protects them as well if they were to get injured on the job and even more so on your property.

The chosen one. 

You have done the homework, the research, and made an appointment for the electrician to come out and see how he can help, now what? Well, you need to ensure the faulty area, light fixture, or socket doesn’t get worse before he gets there, perhaps closing it off or closing the door for off-limits will help significantly.

Then you should have a few questions written down that you want to ask or query, things like the processes involved, how long will it take, does he have all the tools for the job or is something specific required that will end up on the final invoice?

You want a company or self-employed engineer to be honest and up-front about the procedure, with no hidden costs or surprises. They should have up to date qualified course certificates and ideally a few years’ experience under their belt.

A firm such as Impact Electrical who has the respect and trust of the community will have professional advice and guidance to offer, and with honest and open communication it may be the solution you were looking for. 

Quality of work speaks volumes and you will see the pride he or they has by their appearance, mannerisms, and state of vehicles. If everything looks good you may just have found yourself a winner.

Yogesh Mankani

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