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How to Choose a Company for the Best Kitchen Renovations in Perth

The kitchen is a very special place in every home because that is where the family meals are prepared. And mealtimes are very important because they create special moments that bring members of the family together. Since meals are special, the place where you prepare them deserves to receive a special treat.

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That is why it is important to renovate your kitchen occasionally. You need to get the cabinets remodelled with more recent and attractive designs. You also need to upgrade the appliances used in the kitchen to more recent models. All these will help to make your kitchen look lovely and very convenient to relax and cook those delicious family meals.

However, having a desire for a modern kitchen and translating it to reality are two different things. You need to know how to choose the best renovation company to achieve what you want. Now, if want to have services like Premier Home kitchen renovations in Perth, there are thankfully professionals who have the requisite expertise to give you what you desire.

If you are not too sure of what to look out for when choosing a renovation company, we will give you some useful tips.

Tips on How to Choose a Kitchen Renovation Company

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It will be disastrous if you decide to gamble on whom to give the contract of your kitchen renovation. Here are a few tips that can guide you in making the right decision:

1. List the Names of Prospective Contractors

In your search for the best remodelling contractor for your kitchen, the first thing you need to do is to compile the names of remodelling contractors. Get as many names as you can, ranging from 5 – 10 names.

If you are new in town and do not know any local contractor to contact. There are different ways to achieve this.

Ask for Referrals from Friends, Neighbours, and Relations

One of the easiest ways of getting the names of reputable kitchen renovation companies is by asking people you know. Two or more persons may have used the services of some companies and could give you some names.

Search Online 

Another way to get names of contractors for your project is by searching the internet using Bing or Google. There will be many names on display when your search result comes in. You can choose the first 5 – 10 names and conduct further research for recommendations. You can use referral networks like Google My Business, Facebook, and Yelp. From there, you can confirm their reputation to know if they qualify to be on your list.

Seek for Recommendations on Social Media

You can use social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to get some recommendations as well. You can then make further enquiries on names received to know if they should be on your list.

2. Ask for Previous Work Done

Remodeling a kitchen requires artistic skills, and every artist is proud of their work. Therefore, the contractor, if they’re worth their pound in weight, will be proud to showcase previous works. There should be no compromise on this. If they cannot show you what they have done for you to assess their level of expertise, you have to strike out their name from the list immediately.

If the contractor is fresh in this line of work, you’ll be doing yourself a favour by staying away from them. Remodelling of a kitchen is not cheap; therefore, you cannot take that type of risk. Experience is very important in kitchen remodelling or renovation. 

You can read this article to know the skills to expect from a contractor.

3. Get References and Follow Them Up

We have already said that any good contractor should be proud of the job they have done. Ask them for references to the jobs they have done. It is not enough to just view the pictures on the galleries on their website. You need to see the clients they worked for and have a one-on-one discussion with them.

You need to see the work they did and find out what experience the clients had with the contractor. You also need to know how professional they were, whether they worked within the client’s budget and time frame agreed on, and so on. Find out as much information as you can to help you form an objective opinion of the contractor.

Also, ask for permission from the homeowner and look at the work that the contractor did. Be critical in your inspection. Take in as many details as your eyes could. The things you need to check out for are the standard of work done, the quality of the materials used, the general arrangement of the sink, refrigerator, cabinet, stove, and the lighting of the kitchen. It is important to consider every single detail of the work. This is what will give you your strongest point of rating the contractor. 

4. Request for Bids

The last step towards choosing your kitchen renovation contractor is to ask them to tender their bids. At this stage, you have been able to reduce the initial number of contractors under consideration. There are various important things you expect to see in the bids, which every serious contractor should include.

They need to explain to you how they will do the work. If possible, there should be a sketch of how the outcome of the work will look. The flow of the sink, cabinetry, refrigerator, and stove has to match your needs.

There should be a timeline, and the total budget of the work should reflect in the proposal. There should also be a detail of all the appliances you want to install and the materials they will use.

The last bid they will present to you must contain all this information. From there, you’ll know what your final decision should be.

You may want to find out what a contractor’s bid should look like 


Renovating your kitchen is an exciting project. You should not be sentimental in choosing who will do the work for you because it is a capital-intensive project and you do not have the luxury of a cost- free second attempt. The contractor has to get it right the first time. Finally, always remember to get a permit from the local authorities for any major renovation work you are doing.

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