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How to Get the Best Offer for Your Property in a Tough Market

The real estate market is highly competitive these days. The recent pandemic and several changes happening on the market this past year have made selling a property at a great price that much more challenging. On top of that, buyers have more options to choose from. If you are in the process of selling your property and you want to get the best offer for it, there is still hope for you. There are a few things that you can do to boost the appeal of your property and increase its value, and we are going to review them below.

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Outside In

The first thing you want to do is improve the curb appeal of your property. Even in the current market, many buyers still take the time to check out your property by doing a drive-by. Increasing the curb appeal lets you attract the right buyers. You don’t have to spend a fortune to increase the curb appeal of your property either. DIY projects such as repainting the front door, upgrading your mailbox, relandscaping the front garden, and adding some LED strips are incredibly effective.

Another thing you can do is add a couple of potted plants to the entrance. This can be done in conjunction with adding flower boxes to the front porch railing or underneath your windows, particularly the front-facing ones.

Virtual Staging

In the old days, you would prepare your house for potential buyers by decluttering and cleaning it, removing your items, replacing some of the older furniture, and going the extra mile to ensure that the house appears spotless. These steps are no longer practical. Fortunately, you now have virtual staging as a solution. As the name suggests, virtual staging is a way to present your house at its best using virtual means. Potential redesigns, changes in wall colors, and different lighting setups can be simulated easily.

Virtual staging also saves you a lot of money, plus it lets potential buyers see the property the way they vision it to be. There have been instances where buyers would work with their interior designers to see what the property can look like after some remodeling.

Go Smart

Finally, you can consider upgrading your property with smart systems. The market is really big on smart properties right now. The hubs are more affordable, smart appliances and Internet of Things devices are easier to find, and you get so much in return for the upgrades.

Adding a smart sprinkler system to the front and back garden is a great example. The system makes the house more water-efficient, plus it allows the new owners to enjoy a beautiful garden without dealing with heavy maintenance.

The same is true with smart thermostats, smart kitchen appliances, and even smart security systems. All these upgrades translate to a more appealing property in the eyes of potential buyers. Combined with the other tips we discussed in this article, it is easy to make your property more competitive and get the offer you have always wanted.

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