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Popup House Is The Buzz Of The Day

Normally, people tend to buy ready-to-shift homes because the cost of construction and land is combined. However, the thought process of people has changed in past few years, and they are buying a plot and get the construction done. This is proving to be one smart cost-effective idea for buyers.

If you live in France then you have other options to reduce the construction cost of your dream home named Popup House, its a wooden house made by pre-built structure. Wood is highly durable and costs you lesser than stone. Wooden houses stand for centuries and are much safer in an earthquake prone zone. Popup house Team works along with your architect and provide assistance to build your dream house in a record time duration.

What you need to do first?

If you are planning to make a home and are interested in a popup house then there is a procedure that you need to follow. Primarily you need to assess the worth of your home and according to that you will buy the plot. Building permit is mandatory to start the construction and normally takes a month or two so make sure you apply for it on time. Once you buy the plot, get the permission and arrange money for rest of the things then contact the Popup House team which will go through you project and introduce you with an architect (who will supervise the construction part of your home). You may want to rent out some portable construction heaters before continuing construction to prevent damage from the cold.

The house will be made as per your requirement and within your limitation. You can choose the design of your home from the list of their models or prepare it on your own. Execution will be started after finalizing the design. Popup House team will discuss with your architect about all aspects to evaluate the price of the enclosed frame.

Setting out the plan to build home and delivering pre-cut material to the site will be done by Popup House team. Your work includes foundation for the building and getting electricity/water connection. You can expect 6 weeks time duration expected for this process.

Final touch will be given by a well recognized company who will be selected and contacted as per your choice to build you PopUp House. Entire installation of your home will be done under your architect’s supervision. Hero Services team will provide expertise for the frame work and at the end HVAC system installation (to provide fresh air), wiring for electricity and plumbing will be done. This process takes approximately 1 or 2 weeks depending on the size of house.

If you want to live in a luxurious and highly comfortable wooden house and looking for someone who can provide assistance and make your job easier then popup team is here to help you out. This type of environment-friendly homes are also beneficial because they save money and time both. A normal house take 6 months to build where pop up house takes only a month to stand up. Till now the popup house team service is limited to France but they are planning to expand their horizon and go beyond the boundaries of France and will start their service in US and UK soon.

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