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Steelcase: Chairs that Offer More than Sitting

We spend so much time at work place so it is essential to have comfortable sitting during those hectic working hours to avoid bad consequences. Steelcase is a company that works hard to find innovative solutions and reduce the burden of heavy work load by making chairs that offers easy sitting and increase our work efficiency. Here we are going to give you information about the wide range of amazing chairs that they have recently introduced.

Brody Work Lounge

There are many things like the ambience, message and email alerts and our own thoughts that distract us while working on various assignments . Because of such things we tend to loose our focus which eventually results in delay at work. by considering this problem that affects the performance of many employees, Steelcase has come up with a revolutionary product named Brody Work Lounge which helps them to concentrate on our work rather than paying attention on other things and provides privacy. let’s have a loot at the key features of this chair.

  • Live Lumbar Technology – This technique provides back support to lumbar spine and reduces gap.
  • Adjustable Work surface – It helps to avoid neck pain from texting for a long time by holding your material at your eye level.
  • Privacy screen – It covers from visual distraction and helps to maintain privacy.
  • Personal Storage – It gives you space to keep your belongings properly at one place and within your reach.
  • Footrest – Lets you put your feet and sit in a comfortable manner.


Technology has changed according to time and has impacted our work and lifestyle. In today’s time, we require flexible office furniture with the ability to match the efficiency of those accessories that we use at our workplace. Gesture is one chair that fulfils this requirement as it is designed to support every movement of our body during our interaction with latest electronic devices.

The seat is designed in such a way that you can mould its shape according to various body types and distribute weight all over. Its arms move like humans and provide sufficient support while working on a portable device such as smartphone or tablet and let the user get closer while working on a computer.

Think chair

This chair is highly suitable for those who sit on a chair for the entire day as it allows proper movement while sitting which ultimately helps the blood circulation of the human body. It’s an ergonomic office chair which has the ability to determine the requirement of your body and adjusts accordingly. The movement you change your posture, the Integrated LiveBack system lets the chair move with your body.

It is packed with advanced weight-activated bolstered seat to ensure comfortable sitting and keeps your keyboard within your reach when you lean back. It can change shape as per the move and provide dynamic support to your spine continuously. You can bend down the seat edge to mitigate the stress of your legs. The chair is light weighted and made of eco-friendly material.

Personality chair

The design of Personality chair is made according to the needs of new generations office, their environment and expectations of their employees. office density plays an important role to get work efficiency and by utilising the space you can also reduce the real estate cost which impacts a lot in your business. Personality chair is capable of utilising the space provided to each employee.

Personality chairs come up with a back belt, hook and jacket hanger to keep your personal stuff closer. These chairs are highly flexible and movable so that you can change your position so that you can cooperate with your colleagues and then come back to your work-station quickly. It also helps you get closer to your personal items when required.


In small offices or start-ups people don’t like sitting at one place and need something that allows them to lean on while working. Buoy is a great option for those who want to move freely, it is also compatible for people of any size or weight. You can turn, move up and down or tilt it as per your requirement. it’s portable so you can keep it with you in a journey and use it anywhere. Its diameter is 18 inch and its length is 5.5 inch which can be adjusted by a lever. It ships in six colours and offers many patterns to personalise so you change its look whenever you want.

If you are thinking about replacing your office furniture and try something new, these amazing chairs are great options for you. they are comfortable, economical and suitable for the needs of new generation office environments. If you have any say here or want to share your feedback, feel free to write your comments below.

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