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20 Unusual Wall Clocks that you can Actually Buy

Seems like none of us wants to settle down for less than creatively cool stuff for our homes. Ofcourse we all want something unique, cool and elegant for our modern interiors. Clocks to talk about have started to hold greater significance than being an object to keep the track of time. These have far become an object that adds to the overall charm of the room they hang in.

With more and more number of creatively crafted clocks being made available people are getting baffled as to which one to pick. Helping you choose the best of the rest products for your home, we keep coming up with the amazing compilations that claim to leave you all awe-struck.

Here is one such compilation. In it we have showcased some of the hand-picked unusual and unique wall clocks that are simply stunning. Take a look!

1. Butterfly Clock

Butterfly Clock as you can see in the picture below is a unique clock that comes in four separate pieces. It’s upto you how you want to arrange the butterflies. There’s a metaphor to be found between the butterflies and time flying away.

Price : $239


2. Manifold Clock by Studio Ve

Time repeats itself, yet it is ever-changing. Here is a clock that when you look at you feel like watching someone climb the spiral stairs and if you look from above you see it going in circles, but if you look from the side you see him advancing. Sound unique!

Price : $77


3. MoMa Wall Clock History of Art 10″

With this cool clock you can bring art into your home. It is rightly named as History of Art that plays off of some of the most famous artists’ styles.

Price : $48.00

4. Timesphere Clock

This is an amazing MOMA Timesphere Clock that seems to defy gravity with its design.

Price : $70


5. Wall Wonder Clock in Grey design by Ferm Living

Made up of smoked oak veneer, laminate and brass details, this Wall Wonder Clock promises to add charm to any modern interior.

Price : $219


6. Typographic City Clocks

Display the love of your home with one of these typographic city clocks.

Price : $85


7. Present Time Karlsson Moon Glass Wall Clock

Here is a Karlsson Moon Glass Wall Clock which is perfect for amateur astronomers.

Price : $99.95


8. Hands Free Gear Clock

Here is a hands free gear clock that has a large outer sprocket that tells time by way of a tiny arrow at the top of the clock.

Price : $100


9. Happy Time Fried Egg Wall Clock

This is a clock which I am sure all you foodies, especially egg lovers will love. Its a quirky fried egg clock that is the perfect kitchen wall clock.

Price : $24


10. Quarter Word Clock

This is a cool reading clock that only changes each 15 minutes.

Price : $120


11. Stag Clock

This is one unique and decorative clock that uses the bold image of a stag as a play on the classic hunted stag’s head.

Price : £49.50


12. Reading Time Clock

Reading Time Clock is the one that tells you time in a unique way. You actually have to read time.

Price : $80


13. Pict Wall Clock

This is another minimalist all clock meant to give viewers a picture of the time rather than an exact moment.

Price : $66


14. 4th Dimension Concrete Wall Clock

The 4th Dimension Concrete Wall Clock is literally made of cement and crafted to look like a spiral staircase, connecting space and time by way of the 4th dimension.

Price : $200


15. Objectify Color Wheel Wall Clock 

Objectify Color Wheel Wall Clock would be perfect for a graphic designer.

Price : $35


16. Sparrow Clock

This Sparrow Clock option includes 12 detailed swallows to take place of the clock numbers.

Price : $169


17. Cotton Clock

Made of cotton, this is an incredible clock with soft, intricate lines of cotton fabrics.

Price : $288


18. ThePresent Clock

ThePresent clock comes with lovely gradient rainbow colors that moves annually. 12 o’clock represents the winter solstice and 6 o’clock represents the summer solstice.

Price : $240


19. Steampunk Clock with Thermometer

SteamPunk Style Clock is an ideal pick for those with interest in bikes.

Price : $61


20. Sparrow Clock by Haoshi Design

Here is yet another lovely sparrow clock that you all would love. Time will really fly if you have this basically magical sparrow clock.

Price : $159


Aren’t these simply amazing? Has any such unusual or unique wall clocks you recently bought? Why not click a picture of it and share with us all. For now leave your comments below to let us know if given a chance, which one(s) of the above jotted clocks would have been your pick and why?

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