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Usha Unveils Cerebro Tower Fan to Beat the Summer

None of us is unaware of the fact that the temperature outside has broken all records. To beat the heat and heave a sigh of relief, everyone is trying to make best efforts and prefers staying indoors. However, the home appliances are proving to be ineffective. God knows where this will lead us to.

For the people who are looking for smart options to cut the heat and relax indoors, here is something that you would love to read about. Usha, a leading brand in fans and other home appliances has come up with a smart solution. Joining the queue of smart home appliances, Usha Cerebro has been launched. Its a new tower fan, which has an elegant look, stylish design, multiple wind mode and many more features that cover all aspects of cooling.

Cool Features

  • Usha Cerebro is designed for narrow spaces. It saves space due to the tubular structure of the centrifugal blower and fits into any corner at home and office.
  • Specially designed space at the back makes it easy to grip and convenient to port.
  • The fan covers large areas while cooling.
  • Usha Cerebro has dis-mountable filter that makes it dust proof and easy to clean.




• Motor Speed: 1400 RPM
• Type: Tower Fan
• Number of Speed Settings: 3
• Number of Blades: 1
• Color/Shade: White
• Weight: 2 kg

What makes USHA Celebro Stand Apart from the Crowd?

Although there are many tower fans available in the market, but Cerebro addresses every buyer’s requirement.

Here, I am going to list few qualities that make Cerebro unique and more user friendly.

1. Easy to Operate 

It comes with a remote control so that you can operate from a distance. The remote’s functions are not complicated, so it can be used by anyone at home conveniently.

2. Smart Wind Mode 

The Cerebro tower fan comes with three wind modes, namely natural, normal and sleep wind mode. Smart wind mode helps it to automatically adjust the fan speed level and save electricity while increasing the speed level as per the temperature requirement. Adding to it, there is a 3-speed regulator and a programmable timer for up to 8 hours oscillation. Operation includes a multi-functional touch panel with an LED display.


Price and Availability

This cool tower fan from Usha will cost you INR 9,899.

To sum up, we would say that Usha Cerebro is easy to operate, saves energy and delivers high performance. Besides, it doesn’t cover much space, can be shifted easily from one place to another, provides effective air circulation in the wider area and maintain the room temperature.The tower fan is not too expensive and if someone can’t afford to buy an air conditioner than Cerebro is the best alternative. According to me it provides value for money and meet buyer’s expectation.

Have any questions in mind? Do let us know and if you have already purchased this smart tower fan, don’t forget to let us know your experience to help others make their decision in buying the cool fan named Usha Cerebro.

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