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Wave Promises Cool And Clean Air

A team of designers  Li Sanxin, Chen Weiran, Tu Qinghua, Shao Jinpeng, Wei Ziwei and Zhou Lilongn designed a nice looking compact home electronic device for GD Midea Air-Conditioner Equipment Co., Ltd., China. Dubbed Wave, it is an air purifier cum air conditioner. Yes, a cool device to lower down the temperature of your home and spread clean air.

This integrated, compact air conditioner and air purifier are separable. You can actually carry its sub-body from one room to another. Wave minimises all unnecessary elements thereby increasing usability.ll-mounted, the air conditioner (the bigger component on the left) is connected to a smaller dock on the right that charges and holds the portable air purifier.

The main control buttons are located to the right of the air conditioner and a screen displays the current indoor temperature and air volume. The relationship between the air conditioner and the air purifier components become a very important factor when designing the exterior form. When used together, the two functions have to work and be perceived as one. When used separately, two parts still have to hold their own integral forms.

Promising to blend well with your modern homes, Wave is connected to a smaller dock on the right which charges and holds the portable air purifier smart. Located to the right of the air conditioner are the control buttons and a screen displays the indoor temperature and air volume.

You got to press the release button to unlock the handle and remove air purifier from the charging dock. The two have different functions but seamlessly blend with each other without even letting the spectator understand that it is not a single but dually functional device.

The illuminating indicator on the design displays three different colours to represent different degrees of indoor air quality. Wave promises to cool down the temperature of the room it sits/hangs in and spread fresh air! If you need air conditioning at a broader scale then consider an air conditioning installation for your home.

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